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Pitbull Is Ready to Ride… with Echelon Fitness

Pitbull Is Ready to Ride… with Echelon Fitness

Pitbull Partners with Echelon Fitness
GRAMMY®-winning Artist Partners with Echelon Fitness from Fan to Content Creator and Brand Ambassador.

Today Echelon Fitness announces its partnership with GRAMMY®-winning independent international superstar, education advocate, business entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Pitbull. Also known as Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull is ready to ride as part of the official Echelon Fitness team.

In addition to a financial investment in the company, Pitbull’s involvement will offer considerable new content and value for the Echelon Community members, globally. The partnership will include:

  • Dedicated anthem song written to inspire members, and get the world moving and feeling good. The Echelon anthem will be released as a single on his new album, heard on his upcoming I Feel Good tour and through radio and TV Echelon spots.
  • Special dedicated “Ride with Pitbull” content channel, including the music of Pitbull.
  • Ability to ride with Pitbull himself along with some of his dancers including classes created and taught by his dancers, The Most Bad Ones.
  • Exclusive, co-branded bike and merchandise centered around his Timeless album launch.
  • Echelon’s engagement with Pitbull’s educational learning centers SLAM! by offering internships and college scholarships.

The anchor channel will live within the Echelon Fit app (exclusive to members) featuring Pitbull’s brand, image and music.

“It is truly an honor to partner with Echelon Fitness,” says Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull). “With this new venture, we look forward to producing new avenues for music and fitness. Music is the universal language. Fitness is a cultural movement. Together we will create a powerful generation. I don’t know about you but that makes me feel good, Dale!”

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“Learning Pitbull was a fan of our product and our community was humbling,” said Lou Lentine, President and CEO of Echelon Fitness. “We have been experiencing significant growth, and confidence from key financial investors, including a recent investment led by Goldman Sachs. Pitbull has featured and been featured with some of the biggest talents in the music industry. And now his latest feature is with Echelon Fitness. We are so excited to welcome Mr. Worldwide to the team!”

For more information about the Pitbull Listening channel, the Echelon Connected equipment and membership, visit

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