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Peloton Head of Marketing Exits Connected Fitness Company

Peloton Head of Marketing Exits Connected Fitness Company

Dara Treseder, Peloton’s head of marketing, has announced she will be moving to Autodesk as CMO. Her departure follows that of Peloton co-founders Foley and Kushi.

Leadership shake-ups continue at Peloton, as Dara Treseder, Peloton’s head of marketing, is the latest executive to leave the connected fitness company. The announcement comes just weeks after Peloton co-founder and former CEO John Foley resigned from the company’s board of directors.

Treseder, who was SVP and global head of marketing at Peloton overseeing communications and membership, will become Autodesk’s chief marketing officer.

Treseder paid tribute to Foley two weeks ago after Foley announced his resignation. “From nothing, John created the connected fitness category and built one of the most amazing brands in the world, helping millions of people lead healthier, happier lives. Working with him to steward and grow the Peloton brand over the past few years in his role as Co-Founder, CEO, first Exec Sponsor of Black@Peloton, and most recently Executive Chair has been a true privilege. It wasn’t always easy, but it was always worth it,” she wrote.

Treseder’s last day with Peloton will be October 4.

Peloton expressed similar sentiments in response to Treseder’s departure. “During her time at the company, Peloton has become one of the most beloved and culturally relevant brands and our Member base has grown from over 2.6 million to over 6.9 million,” Peloton said in a statement on Monday, according to CNBC.

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Treseder previously served as the chief marketing officer at Carbon, a 3D printing technology company, as well as GE Business Innovations and GE Ventures. She has also held marketing leadership roles at Apple and Goldman Sachs.

“To all the kind, talented humans I have had the honor to serve alongside at Peloton Interactive, and our phenomenal Peloton community, thank you for the ride of a lifetime. I’m especially thankful to my beloved Marketing, Communications, and Membership team. Together, we’ve opened new markets, launched four products (Bike+, Tread, Guide, Row), grown the Member base from 2.6 Million+ to almost 7 Million, increased market share by 17% this past fiscal year alone, given Members novel brand experiences with Peloton Members (from Beyoncé to John John Florence), and most importantly put our community (Members, instructors, and team)—the heart and soul of our brand—at the center of it all. I’m proud of all we have accomplished and will be cheering you on!” Treseder posted on her LinkedIn page, as she announced her new role at Autodesk.

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