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Matt Goebel Shares Tips to Scale Fitness Franchise

Matt Goebel Shares Tips to Scale Fitness Franchise

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Matt Goebel, founder and CEO of Woven, an all-in-one workplace management tool for multi-unit franchising, shares actionable steps that owners can take to streamline workplace operations. Leveraging these tips, owners of fitness studios and gyms can spend less time addressing daily tasks and more time connecting with customers, driving new revenue streams and moving their businesses forward.

Following is a guest post by Matt Goebel for Athletech News.

For owners of fitness studios and gyms, managing the systems necessary for daily operations and maintenance can be a persistent pain point that hinders the ability to successfully scale. Without a proper process for overseeing and communicating with employees, managing equipment and more, franchisees lean on a patchwork of solutions from different providers only to grow inefficiencies over time. 

Streamlining workplace operations can seem like a daunting task, but there are simple solutions that can make scaling your business and freeing yourself from the back office a reality. 

Consolidate software into an all-in-one platform, specifically for franchising.

Consolidating workplace management software into one platform will increase operational consistency and efficiency across all fitness locations. It is hard to scale your business without the right tools, but even harder to scale with a multitude of unsynchronized tools. 

Woven founder & CEO Matt Goebel
Matt Goebel, founder and CEO of Woven

An all-encompassing platform specifically designed for the multi-unit business model will streamline operations for owners and employees as well as enhance the customer experience. Reducing the number of logins and training sessions to one software can prevent your team members from being bogged down by processes that might take away from their performance as a trainer, club manager or customer service representative. By eliminating friction caused by excessive software, you provide a clear path to deliver quality fitness services efficiently and profitably — making it easier to scale at your own pace.

Focus on building brand consistency across all locations.

Consistency is key for growing any business, especially a franchise. Establishing consistency allows you to build awareness and trust and helps to retain your customer base. With numerous branding touchpoints to monitor across multiple clubs or studios, controlling consistency can be a challenge for franchisees.

The first step to building consistency is providing your employees with the tools they need to properly execute your company’s vision. Maintaining standards and consistent practices are only possible if the entire team understands these processes. Staying organized and having a clear system that is also scalable will make all the difference as you try to expand to new locations. 

Invest in technology that streamlines your vision.

It’s imperative that internal processes and operations function seamlessly to create a strong infrastructure, while recognizing that adaptability and flexibility are also key for success. Processes will change as you grow your business. Housing the most updated policies and procedures in one platform will decrease liability by increasing shared accountability within your team.

Hire an adaptive team.

Employees are the core to every franchise; they drive your company vision and deliver the brand experience to your members. Franchisees who have a strong workplace culture are outperforming their competition and attracting top talent as employees. According to a report from Avast, 67% of Global CEOs predict that in five years, workplace talent will focus more on corporate culture and values than they do on pay. 

When scaling your business, you will need a team who is willing to embrace changes as they come to fruition. Look for employees who are fast learners, have a passion for knowledge and are solution driven, these are the best staff members to have on board when you start scaling up. Staff who are passionate about your club will exceed standards to create a phenomenal customer experience and in turn bring referrals, which are crucial for club growth.

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Modernize and simplify workplace communication. 

Communicating with employees across multiple gym or studio locations is a crucial practice for operating a successful fitness franchise. In order to establish open employee communication, you first have to ensure management, and your team at large, feel confident in their roles and responsibilities. 

Providing your employees with an easy-to-use communication platform will eliminate lost announcements and confusion that stems from juggling too many messaging platforms. Having an established and professional form of communication will keep your entire team – from trainers to manager – on the same page. This also creates a straightforward way to assign tasks and follow up to ensure progress is being made. Simplifying workplace communication maximizes productivity and keeps the focus on the customer. 

Gone are the days of allowing daily operations and maintenance to stunt the growth of multi-unit fitness franchises. Consolidate your responsibilities to create shared accountability and scaling will follow.

Matt Goebel, Founder and CEO of Woven

Matt Goebel is a multi-unit franchisee and the founder and CEO of Woven, an all-in-one workplace management tool for multi-unit franchising founded to keep franchise operators focused on growing their businesses. Today, the Woven platform delivers accountability, consistency, and productivity to all of its customers, including Planet Fitness, Massage Heights, Sun Tan City, and more. Visit or follow @Woven on LinkedIn for more information. 

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