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OutFit Training Unveils Affordable Fitness Franchising

OutFit Training Unveils Affordable Fitness Franchising

Budding fitness entrepreneurs can hit the road and bring outdoor mobile workouts to clients wherever they are

TRX founder and former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick is ready to go national with his mobile fitness company, OutFit Training, officially opening the brand up for franchising. The “world-class gym on wheels” fitness brand has a busy 2024 planned, expanding its fitness footprint in the south and embarking on a franchising expedition in the west.

OutFit Training brings workout sessions directly to fitness consumers, arriving in a fully-equipped gym on wheels with a van filled with TRX training equipment. Clients select from tiered monthly subscription memberships, and franchisees have the flexibility to offer individual training sessions or large group workouts.

The mobile boutique fitness concept launched in Florida in 2021 before expanding to Atlanta, Georgia and has added locations within its home base of Fort Lauderdale.

A Financially Accessible Franchise Model 

The mobile fitness brand is eager to welcome aspiring fitness entrepreneurs into its fold — those who may prefer an affordable franchising model with low staffing requirements and reduced startup risks. The OutFit Training franchise model allows interested franchisees to be up and running with a customized fitness van in just 90 days.

In keeping with OutFit Training’s simplified approach, a mobile app links fitness enthusiasts to trainers, making it easy to find, book and pay for a training session. 

As Hetrick shared with Athletech News in August, OutFit’s tech blends the geolocation capabilities of a rideshare service like Uber and the booking convenience of Mindbody. He added that OutFit plans to add features such as gamification, status rewards and a way to view workout history in the future.

“With an HQ team made of fitness industry veterans, we’ve seen just about every conceivable training model. And we think the opportunity with OutFit is unparalleled in today’s economy,” said Darren Jacobson, OutFit’s chief operating officer. “After two years running and growing a multi-unit business in our own corporate market, we’ve experimented extensively, and we’ve learned the hard lessons that we can now share with our franchise partners.”

credit: OutFit Training

The mobile fitness franchise has also teamed with Enterprise’s Efleets for van procurement, upfitting, financing, delivery and maintenance, making it easier for franchisees to get (and stay) moving. 

“Our business model is optimized to help anyone in the fitness industry take their career to the next level,” Jacobson said. “Our ‘$100k and 90 Days’ standard is certain to get any potential franchisee up and running their own mobile fitness business very quickly.”

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The Allure of Outdoor Fitness

While deployed, Hetrick devised a harness that leverages body weight for resistance and founded TRX in 2004 to bring the TRX Suspension Trainer to market — but he wasn’t done yet. Spotting a white space in an otherwise crowded boutique fitness space, Hetrick saw a need for a mobile fitness provider that incorporates the great outdoors. He formed OutFit in 2021.

Hetrick says OutFit’s mobile training approach allows fitness lovers to “break free from the traditional confines of crowded indoor gyms,” and has a wide-ranging appeal.

“OutFit’s technology platform coordinates a network of mobile training vans – each packed with a gym’s worth of world-class TRX training equipment – to deliver our clients well-rounded strength and cardio workouts in convenient, inspiring outdoor locations near you – as well as personal training services delivered to your driveway or culdesac,” he added.

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