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Grow a Mo for Movember: Bringing Awareness to Men’s Health

Grow a Mo for Movember: Bringing Awareness to Men’s Health

Men with moustaches
Movember is a global health movement of over 6 million men and women focused on positively changing men’s behavior

Now that it’s November, it’s time to grow a Mo to support Movember. The organization welcomes its symbol, the moustache, to men’s faces across the world to bring awareness to important issues involving men’s health. Historically, stigmas have prevented men from bringing to light health issues. Movember’s goal is to initiate important conversations to improve the lives of men globally. 

The global men’s health crisis is evident through some staggering statistics. A baby boy born in the U.S. in 2021 will have a 5.9-year shorter life expectancy than a girl. In the U.S., 3 out of 4 suicides, and the country loses 100 American men per day to suicide. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer impact millions of U.S. men.

“What started as a simple conversation sparked by a moustache has transformed into a global health movement that continues to break down the barriers surrounding men’s health and create long-term impact,” said Mark Hedstrom, Movember’s US Country Director. “As the mental health crisis among men is more prevalent than ever, we are proud to see so many come together – as individuals, communities and companies – to normalize the conversation about men’s health.”

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To say “Mo more” to the global men’s health crisis, join the conversation and movement. Grow a Mo (moustache) for Movember and visit

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