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Lumin, Led by Industry Vets, Launches ‘World’s Smartest Fitness Studio’

Lumin, Led by Industry Vets, Launches ‘World’s Smartest Fitness Studio’

With its high-tech, low-labor model, Lumin is looking to usher in a new era of fitness and franchising

Lumin Fitness is entering the franchising industry with what it calls “The World’s Smartest Fitness Studio,” a modern approach following four years of research and development led by fitness, franchising and gaming veterans.

Earlier this month, the first Lumin Fitness studio debuted in Irving-Las Colinas, Texas, bringing a smart studio with interactive wall-to-wall LED displays to the Lone Star State. 

The unique concept, co-founded by Brandon Bean, former Gold’s Gym CEO, and Omeed Shams, former CEO of social discovery app Kwest, uses technology to provide an engaging and personalized approach to group fitness and personal training with gamification and progress tracking, two features that are key to member retention.

Lumin Fitness participants get their own dedicated workout station and equipment for each 40-minute class, and can select an in-ear trainer and music genre of their choice.

By combining AI, digital display, motion tracking and object detection, Lumin is designed to deliver a great full-body workout while members engage in a mission-based game, such as filling a virtual cylinder with balls. As the participant tackles each fitness activity, the screen tracks the reps.

A video clip depicting Lumin’s 80-foot LED walls shows what visitors can expect at the smart fitness facility.

“My career ignited my passion for fitness and franchising, but it also revealed to me the untapped potential of how technology can transform the brick-and-mortar fitness space,” Bean said. “Alongside my technical founder, Omeed Shams, and our talented global team, I wanted to leverage our collective experiences to introduce something no one had ever seen before. At the crossroads of cutting-edge AI technology and a steady rise in demand for hyper-personalized fitness experiences, Lumin Fitness was born.”

“From day one, the Lumin Fitness concept was designed with two primary customers in mind: the end user, who deserves a fun and motivating fitness experience, and the franchise owner, who wants to play a pivotal role in transforming how fitness and technology coexist,” Bean added. “It is time for individuals and entrepreneurs alike to embrace a new era of fitness.”

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The forward-thinking company recently named Craig Sherwood as its chief development officer. Sherwood, an industry veteran, also comes to Lumin after having worked at Gold’s Gym. He also held development roles at Sonic, Little Caesars and Wingstop. 

Lumin Fitness is now seeking partners to accelerate its expansion via a franchise model. 

With its high-tech, low-labor model, Lumin Fitness points out that it can reduce overhead and HR needs as well as the risk of instructor favoritism. The model also allows operators to have classes all day, including during “off-peak” times, targeting even more members with its flexible approach.

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