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iCryo Expands Wellness Franchise Footprint in US, Abroad

iCryo Expands Wellness Franchise Footprint in US, Abroad

The recovery and wellness brand is poised to enter New York in a big way, along with expansion in Canada and Europe

iCryo may be the coolest business launched in the heat of League City, Texas, and it’s enjoying a scorching hot wellness market. As the year quickly comes to a close, the recovery and wellness brand is encouraged by a successful 2023 with nearly 100 territories sold and projects 2024 to be its biggest growth year yet as it plans to enter the European market.

As iCryo looks ahead domestically, 20 franchise locations are planned for New York, and over 43 others are in development. The brand also recently inked a master franchise deal for Canada to develop 50 facilities, a strategic move that it says will grow its wellness brand by over 15%.

The brand, which opened its concept for franchising opportunities in 2017, recently hosted its second annual Elevate conference in Houston, celebrating its wins, such as a 50% sales growth and a 25% increase in unit volume year-to-date, as it looks forward to continued expansion. 

Existing iCryo franchisees were honored at the event, with special recognition for those who have gone above and beyond, such as Elizabeth and Nick Mericle in New Braunfels, Texas, and Cibolo, Texas, who were awarded “Franchisee of the Year.”

Boutique Wellness Market Grows

iCryo credits its franchise success to the surging consumer demand for holistic health and wellness treatments and the addition of its new services such as Neveskin, regenerative medicine, Seca medical scales, hyperbaric chambers, DNA swabbing and high-dose ozone UV/IV therapy. The additional services allow iCryo clients to select from a wide-ranging menu of pain management, beauty, anti-aging and athletic recovery modalities.

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Mindbody predicts cold and heat therapies will be one of the leading wellness trends in the new year. Similarly, consumers continue to gravitate towards therapies that support well-being in addition to non-invasive aesthetic treatments. A 20-30 minute toning facial, one of iCryo’s offerings, promotes anti-aging and skin rejuvenation without post-procedure downtime.  

“As we continue to shape a healthier future and transform lives across the globe, our dedication to providing our members the most innovative and effective personal health services continues to grow,” said Kyle Jones, iCryo co-founder and chief innovation and branding officer. “Affordable, professional, and convenient personal health services are in higher demand than ever before, and as we move into the next year having helped over 150,000 people enrich their health, we will continue to raise the standard as a global wellness brand.”

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