Echelon: Featured Fitness Franchise Supplier

Echelon, a global fitness, wellness and sports leader, has delivered a full line of innovative smart fitness equipment to consumers and commercial marketplaces, including connected bikes, rowers, ellipticals, strength machines, fitness mirrors and treads. Echelon has revolutionized connected fitness since 2017 with a range of smart exercise equipment and an immersive membership experience.

What began as a mission to make healthy living accessible to all has evolved into a thriving, global brand. Echelon empowers everyone to experience the feeling of elation and accomplishment after achieving their fitness goals. Members connect their Echelon smart bikes, strength machines, rowers, treadmills, or fitness mirrors to the Echelon Fit app for access to live and on-demand workout classes filmed at Echelon studios around the world and led by professional instructors. 

Through the app, members track performance and progress in real-time, compete on the interactive leaderboard and explore more than 2,000 off-equipment workouts, including yoga, meditation, boxing and core strength, to keep them motivated and inspired. People are looking for fitness at their fingertips and our commercial grade lines allow for the connected experience, wherever their life takes them. 

While our product portfolio continues to grow in the offer to consumers and commercial properties, our commitment to affordability and achievability remains central to our DNA. Echelon understands that many commercial fitness centers may not have the resources to offer in-person instruction to every exerciser every hour of operation. 

The Echelon line of commercial products with live and on-demand coaching and instruction is proving to be an excellent supplement for these commercial facilities. For more information about Echelon Fitness go to https://www.echeloncommercial.com/.

What specialized solutions does your company offer to meet the needs of the fitness and wellness franchise industry? 

We provide a full suite of virtual connected fitness solutions in every cardio category which are designed to attract, engage and retain members/guests through interactive, virtual coaching, exertainment and community participation which dramatically elevates the member/guest experience. Modalities include upright and recumbent cycles, stairmills, ellipticals, rowers, treadmills, fitness mirrors and new strength solutions.

Why should franchise owners choose your company over competing providers?

Echelon offers the most modalities among connected fitness providers. We also provide a full commercial warranty which is serviced by our nationwide network of third-party service providers. We shoot 40+ live classes per day which becomes part of our on=demand library; our on-demand content grows dramatically each week.

credit: Echelon

Do you require an existing relationship with the parent franchise company to work with individual franchisees? 

We do not require a relationship with the parent franchise company to work with franchisees.

What size franchise business does your company specialize in serving?

We work with every size facility from small boutique fitness studios to university recreation centers to full-size commercial fitness facilities.

Can you share insights into the number and types of franchise brands your company has collaborated with?

We currently work with commercial fitness franchise organizations that specialize in 3000 to 15000 square foot spaces. Echelon has been in business for only the last 5 years. From a franchise perspective, we are currently working with Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime, to name a few.

What is the average total cost for your products and services?

Echelon’s commercial product offering ranges from $2,500 to $5,500 per product including commercial content subscription.

Where is your company’s headquarters, and do you have additional offices to serve clients effectively? 

Echelon’s Headquarters is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have remote regional directors who service our clients directly.

What are the key contact details for reaching out to your company and exploring potential collaboration? 

Contact John Sweeney, [email protected], 561-310-8981 to explore potential collaborations.

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