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Fibo Launches New Video Projects in Fitness Content Play

Fibo Launches New Video Projects in Fitness Content Play

The international fitness, wellness and health trade show organization is making noteworthy efforts to reach new audiences

Kicking back with something to watch and improving your health are often thought of as counterproductive activities. But Fibo, the world’s largest international trade show for fitness, wellness and health, is bridging that gap.

After six months of preparation, concept development, script writing and production, Fibo announced two new video projects, “FIBUSTED” and “Out of the Box.” The shows recently premiered before 70 guests at the UFA-Palast in Düsseldorf, Germany. While the two series differ in specific offerings, they both aim to further inspire and educate viewers.

“Video formats are becoming increasingly crucial. It’s not just about high-quality content but also the format,” said Simon Bens, head of content and marketing at Fibo. “With these two formats, we elevate our content to a new level, offering videos that are both informative and entertaining.”

Fibusted debunks myths commonly dispersed among the fitness community. Luis Benito Jörger, known from the football (soccer) podcast “Catch The Wave” and as a stadium announcer for the Hamburg Sea Devils, hosts the show. Accompanied by molecular biologist Dr. Martina Ollesch, physiotherapist Elisa Kroth, and fitness expert Kristian Kroth, he discusses proteins, muscle failure, knee pain and more. 

Out of the Box, which has episodes carrying a longer run time, focuses on the different personalities within the health and fitness realm. Its cast includes “Germany’s fittest grandma” and recipient of the TikTok Creator Breakthrough Award Erika Rischko, as well as powerlifter and coach of Team Bench Boy Maximilian Zinner, marathon runner Joyce Hübner and Hyrox athlete Felix Leistikow. They’re joined by bodybuilder and content creator Leonie Kommoss as well as track cyclist and Olympian Robert Förstemann.

The group discourse goes beyond that of your standard fitness conversation, featuring open and honest dialogue between figures with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. There’s an element of randomness in play as well, as a box that shoots out unknown questions for participants to answer drives the discussion. 

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“Our strength is bringing people together and providing a platform for experts,” said Silke Frank, event director at Fibo. “With Fibusted and Out of the Box, we’re extending this beyond Fibo. We bring together experts and personalities who, with their expertise, contribute to promoting health and, with their inspiring approach, motivate people to lead an active life.” 

Out of the Box episodes air once a month while Fibusted drops twice a month. Both can be found on Fibo’s Youtube channel.

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