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Atlanta Hawks Invest in Arena, an AI-Powered Portable Strength-Training Platform

Atlanta Hawks Invest in Arena, an AI-Powered Portable Strength-Training Platform

Arena uses AI to deliver the optimal strength-training dose from a portable device the size of a suitcase

Hawks Ventures, the new venture capital arm of the Atlanta Hawks, has invested in Arena Innovation Corp., a fitness technology startup that develops AI-powered portable robotic strength training and rehabilitation devices.

Arena’s signature product is a strength training device that generates up to 200 pounds of isoinertial resistance to deliver what the startup says is the optimal training dose. 

“Arena provides everything you need to live a strong, healthy life in the size of a suitcase,” said Arena CEO and co-founder, Dr. Krisna Bhargava. “With the Arena, you get portable hardware, powerful AI-based training and expert-designed workouts, at home, in the training room and even on the go.”

In addition to Hawks Ventures, other Arena investors include Elysian Park Ventures (EPV), Courtside Ventures, Wise Ventures, Club Sports Group and Powerhouse Capital.

With a tech-forward approach using mobile hardware and software, Arena evaluates user strength as a biomarker and provides AI-driven training guidance to deliver the perfect amount of training so fitness enthusiasts can meet their wellness goals. 

Professional sports teams, fitness professionals, athletes, military members, and physical therapists are using the device to strength train and for muscle rehabilitation, the company says.

credit: Arena

“Our first investment marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering inclusivity and innovation,” said David Garcia, Hawks Ventures senior vice president and managing director. “We believe that Arena will drive positive change in the health of our communities by making elite-level strength training more accessible to the at-home consumer.”

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The 50-pound Arena Platform generates power using a miniaturized regenerative powertrain. The Go Arena app controls the platform, creating instant resistance adjustments. It also unlocks access to a movement library, daily fitness routines and specialized programs.

EPV’s Managing Partner Pete Vlastelica says the firm is concentrating on investing in next-gen companies on the cutting edge of sports, health and technology.  

“We are excited to lead an investment in Arena,” said EPV’s managing partner Pete Vlastelica. “The company is building truly innovative technologies that will enhance human performance not just for professional and tactical athletes but everyday consumers as well. The scalability of the product and the team behind it are unique in the marketplace.”

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