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Trainerize App Puts The Personal in Personal Training

Trainerize App Puts The Personal in Personal Training

Trainerize is a fitness app created with personal trainers to use with their clients and gym owners. The app gives both trainers the ability to use their time better while monitoring clients in or outside of the gym with a whole new way to connect. 

There’s a number of fitness apps currently available on the market, at times making it hard for fitness enthusiasts to choose from. But for personal trainers, there’s a unique app that has been built to connect them, clients and gym owners, and it’s redefined the way all parties monetize exercise – Trainerize app.  

The Trainerize Apple Watch app is a platform that helps personal trainers deliver coaching, customizable workout plans, and fitness classes through their clients’ Apple Watches. Data, such as fitness levels, sleep habits, and nutrition plans, are exchanged in a 360 degrees coaching method, with both trainer and client having the freedom to connect beyond their homes and gym spaces. 

A meaningful connection between trainer and client via using Trainerize is also promised. When it comes to fitness businesses, the digital fitness platform is used to encourage members engagement and entice new members. 

Trainerize Co-Founder and Head of Product Trevor Chong

Trainerize Co-Founder and Head of Product Trevor Chong explained to AthletechNews that the app “has been really requested for by the trainers’ clients and the gyms’ clients.” “It’s probably the most popular wearable out there and most people have an Apple Watch. The response has just been overwhelming — the number of users that have wanted an app on the Apple Watch,” he added.  

With their mission as making fitness “accessible”, the makers of Trainerize have been dedicated to being a “customer focused business,” first and foremost. Chong says, “Everything that we build we get our trainers to vote for them and they tell us what they want to see, what’s critical. We also get their clients to vote for things so we hear from the trainers’ clients themselves what they want to see, what changes they want to make.”  

It’s not everyday that a fitness app is called “holistic,” but according to Chong, that’s another defining element of Trainerize. 

“Trainers just don’t want to know if they’re just working out,” he clarifies, “They want to know how many steps are you taking, how many hours are you sleeping, what’s your resting heart rate. They want to collect more data and you know what better way of doing that with something that’s always on your wrist.”  

While using the Trainerize app, personal trainers also want to be able to check in on their clients anywhere, not just at a gym. This motivates trainer and client to build a relationship that’s more trustworthy, especially as both engage in a very personal chapter of the latter’s life. Regardless of technology being “in the fabric of every single thing that we do,” that doesn’t have to pollute the results clients and trainers wish to see. “It’s not just going to the gym anymore. It’s ‘Hey! I go to the six o’clock Crossfit class. Now who else is in my Crossfit class? My coach cares about my outcomes.’ It’s more than just me going in,” says Chong.  

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If there’s one thing that Chong declares as a top reason for trainers to use Trainerize for their business, it’s having the ability to use their time better. He expands on this statement stating, “The software aggregates all the data and tells you ‘Hey maybe these clients might want to look at their habits’ or ‘These clients are doing really well. You might want to congratulate them.’ I think Trainerize really allows small businesses to really compete with the big brands.” 

Overall, Trainerize isn’t just an app. It’s a “tool” that enables trainers to monetize and earn at any location and for their clients to get fit and healthy in an approachable way. Chong astutely professes that Trainerize doesn’t take the “the human away from the whole experience of digital coaching,” and this is what separates it from other digital workout apps. 

“I think an integral part to digital coaching is that human experience. It’s in our DNA. We’re human. We crave that human connection. It’s really easy to go into the App Store and cancel your $9.99 subscription for this workout app. But it’s really difficult to cancel a relationship that you have with your trainer that you’ve built over time.” 

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