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Springbok Analytics Adds Dr. Andy Galpin as It Scales 3D Muscle-Scanning Tech

Springbok Analytics Adds Dr. Andy Galpin as It Scales 3D Muscle-Scanning Tech

Springbok, which uses AI to create 3D visualizations of MRI scans, already has partnerships with the NBA and the NFL’s Houston Texans

Springbok Analytics, a muscle analytics company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve athlete health and longevity by making MRIs available as 3D visualizations, is adding to its team.

On Wednesday, Springbok announced the appointment of Dr. Andy Galpin to its advisory board. A human performance scientist with a PhD in human bioenergetics, Dr. Galpin is a Professor and Director of the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton. He also has a large following on social media where he offers health, fitness and nutrition advice.

“We are honored that Dr. Galpin is joining our advisory board and committing his time and knowledge to furthering our positive impact on the human condition,” said Springbok Analytics CEO and co-founder Scott Magargee. “His experience, credentials and reputation speak for themselves and his involvement with us further reinforces the scientific integrity on which Springbok is based.”

Much of Galpin’s experience comes from dealing with professional athletes; he’s worked with Olympians and All-Stars in leagues including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and UFC, among others. That makes Galpin an ideal fit at SpringBok, which recently partnered with the NBA and NBPA to conduct the largest-ever study on game load and athletic performance for professional basketball players. SpringBok also recently agreed to a partnership with the NFL’s Houston Texans to conduct a similar study. 

“I have seen every technology, every company, and every product and service in the human performance space,” Dr. Galpin said. “When I first came across Springbok, I knew I had to be part of what they were building. What Springbok can do right now is already incredibly impactful. I’ve been scanned myself and we’ve done it with clients. I’ve been really impressed.”

Dr. Andy Galpin (credit: Springbok Analytics)

“Springbok has the potential to unlock things that we have been wondering about, physiologically and scientifically, for decades. I didn’t think we would ever get the answers to these questions until I saw Springbok’s technology in action,” Dr. Galpin added.

Springbok’s’ tech is the culmination of 13 years of research and science. The company uses AI to transform MRI data into 3D visualizations of a patient’s exact musculature, which enhances the ability to assess, treat and research muscle injuries. Full scans take just under 40 minutes of imaging time while lower-extremity scans require less than 10.

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According to Springbok, it’s the only commercialized tech capable of enhancing MRI results this way.

“Springbok lets us analyze individual muscles, as well as muscle groups, to really see what the whole body is doing, much faster than before and at a fraction of the cost,” Dr. Galpin said. “This technology is going to make a dent in the world of human performance.”

Galpin boasts over 266k followers on Instagram, 103k on YouTube and 77k on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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