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Orangetheory Fitness Introduces DJ Steve Aoki as CMO (Chief Music Officer)

Orangetheory Fitness Introduces DJ Steve Aoki as CMO (Chief Music Officer)

The appointment is the first of its kind for the boutique fitness franchise & was based on a survey revealing the importance of music in the fitness industry

Orangetheory has announced a partnership with DJ Steve Aoki as its first CMO (Chief Music Officer). The collaboration with the DJ/music producer is the first of its kind for the Florida-based boutique fitness franchise. Orangetheory says the new position was created in response to survey results that revealed the importance of music in fitness.

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Orangetheory says Aoki’s new position will allow the fitness franchise to further motivate its members on their fitness journeys. The decision came after Orangetheory conducted a survey regarding the role of music in the fitness experience. 

The survey revealed 91% of its members feel music is important to their workout and 94% say music motivates them to push themselves further.

A short video promoting the new Orangetheory and Aoki collaboration can be viewed here.

Orangetheory and Aoki will release monthly installments of “All Out with Aoki” workouts, which will debut in Orangetheory studios on March 26.

“We know the critical role music plays in the workout experience, which is why we enlisted Steve Aoki as CMO,” says Dave Long, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Orangetheory Fitness. “Steve’s dedication to health and wellness coupled with his passion for science and technology makes him a natural fit. His values align perfectly with Orangetheory’s science-backed, technology-tracked workout.”

As Chief Music Officer, Aoki will oversee the global network’s “musical vibe,” using his industry expertise to improve the member experience, according to Orangetheory. He will lead music advisory sessions, provide custom beats, assist in the formation of a Music Advisory Board, and create a custom track for an upcoming “More Life” advertising campaign.

“Health, science and technology are three personal passion points for me and as Chief Music Officer for Orangetheory Fitness, I’m able to put them all in play,” says Aoki. “There is a strong parallel between the energy at my shows and how Orangetheory coaches light up their own classes every day – my new setlists are meant to enhance this already amazing workout.”

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According to Orangetheory, the series will include ten original workouts to achieve optimal heart rates.

Aoki discusses music curation and the energy he will bring to Orangetheory workouts in this video clip. He explains that there will be familiar music as well as some unknown music pieces.

“I will get you to that place that you never expect, so be ready for the unexpected,” Aoki promises.

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