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Recovery Day: Leah Pfrommer Believes in Sushi Supremacy & Vitamin Supplementation via Food

Recovery Day: Leah Pfrommer Believes in Sushi Supremacy & Vitamin Supplementation via Food

In the hot seat for this edition of Athletech News’s Recovery Day series is Club Pilates instructor Leah Pfrommer, MS, RD, CDN, who explains why she’d rather get her vitamins and minerals from food and describes her typical day-off (which might actually look like a day on for some!)

With a glance at Leah Pfrommer’s Instagram account, it’s easy to see the Club Pilates instructor has a lot of enthusiasm for her job, healthy living, spending time with loved ones, and encouraging members of her classes in their pursuit of getting fit. Pfrommer was just as excited to share details of her day-to-day life for our Recovery Day series.  

Besides her deep appreciation for Lululemon and Athleta threads, Pfrommer’s philosophy on why the only supplement she’ll take is Vitamin D may leave you questioning your own vitamin/mineral intake regimen. Her day off schedule could seem hardcore for those who can’t wait for a relaxing Sunday Funday complete with sleeping late or Netflix and chill time. However, Pfrommer still manages to cram viewing sessions of romantic comedies and Bridgerton into her busy and gratifying schedule. 

Athletech News (ATN): What’s your go-to outfit when not at the gym?

Leah Pfrommer: Athleisure, athleisure, athleisure — basically anything Lululemon or Athleta.

ATN: Walk me through a typical day-off for you?

Leah Pfrommer

Leah Pfrommer: Off days aren’t common for me, so when I do have one (typically Saturday), I make the most of it. In summary…. no alarm, sleep in, drink water and coffee, gym, grocery store, clean, laundry, go for a run, roll out/stretch, hop on my home Pilates reformer, shower, light a candle, cook/meal prep, bake a pumpkin or banana bread, eat dinner, watch a movie, bed. It seems like a lot,  but that’s exactly what resets me for the next week. That’s a perfect off-day for me. 

ATN: What would we find on your Netflix/Hulu favorites?

Leah Pfrommer: New Girl, Ozarks, Bridgerton or any rom com basically. Anything with Jim Carrey. I also love movies like The Guardian, Lone Survivor, and She’s the Man. I like it all. 

ATN: Favorite restaurants/bars/nightlife etc.

Leah Pfrommer: Chipotle, anything Mexican, or any sushi. If I could live off of margaritas, chips, salsa, rice and sushi, then I would. 

ATN: How many days do you work out?

Leah Pfrommer: 4-5 days/week – it helps keep me sane. It’s how I reset mentally and how I can create the best version of myself. I grew up in gymnastics starting at 3 years old, so all I’ve ever known is movement and exercise. I’m more comfortable when I’m uncomfortable, if that makes sense. Training daily in college on a Division I Track and Field team further solidified that.  

If I could work out every day I would, but between work, cooking, and rest, I don’t have enough hours in the day. I’m okay with that though, because I know how important time off is for the body. 

ATN: How much sleep do you get?

Leah Pfrommer: 7-8 hours/night. I really prioritize sleep since I am so active. There has to be balance. When you work out so hard and so often, prioritizing rest for the body is equally as important. I can tell when I didn’t get adequate rest and it’s hard for me to be the best version of myself when I’m tired. I can be a grump. 

ATN: What does your food shopping/prep look like?

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Leah Pfrommer: This is one of my favorite parts of the week. I always make a grocery list based on the meals I plan on making throughout the week. My rules: I’ll never go to the grocery store hungry and I tend to stay on the perimeter of the store. When I get home, I’ll cut and wash my fruits and vegetables and I will try to prep whatever I can ahead of time. I cook dinner every night after work, so I try to make the cooking process as easy as possible for myself. 

ATN: Vitamin/supplement regimen?


Leah Pfrommer: Most registered dietitians would agree that getting vitamins and minerals from food should be the highest priority. I don’t supplement anything unless I can’t get it through my diet, so I’m not taking anything other than vitamin D3 (in the winter). I mix up the fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats, and starches week to week to try and maximize the variety of vitamins and minerals in my meals.  

I’m a firm believer in that getting your nutrients from your food is best and that supplementation is really only needed if you aren’t already getting enough from your food or, of course, if you have a clinical condition that requires supplementation. 

ATN: What are some of your greatest indulgences?

Leah Pfrommer: Food and clothes shopping. I never hesitate to spend a dollar on good food. I also have a weakness for shopping (specifically Lululemon or Athleta). I consider these clothes my “work clothes,” though, so I will gladly splurge on that every now and then. 

ATN: Can you disconnect from “devices” (ie. emails, work)?

Leah Pfrommer: I try to avoid using my phone right before bed, but it’s definitely challenging, especially when I plan my Pilates classes on it and I like to use my free time to edit or create new classes and edit videos.

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