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Product of the Week: Kroma Wellness 5-Day Reset is a Superior Cleanse Alternative

Product of the Week: Kroma Wellness 5-Day Reset is a Superior Cleanse Alternative

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The Kroma Wellness “5-Day Reset” is a cleanse alternative of colorful sachets filled with superfood ingredients

Kroma is a wellness company that is known for its “Resets,” or cleanse alternatives. Kroma’s Resets, which are generally five days, are a regimen of food and beverage sachets, or pouches, filled with superfoods to get you through the day. Intrigued by the concept of a cleanse alternative that was actually filling and enjoyable, Athletech News set out to try a 5-Day Kroma Wellness Reset.

Kroma Wellness Reset in its packaging

The 5-Day Reset arrives in colorful packaging—true to the company’s name. The Kroma color wheel of 50 sachets allows you 10 sachets per day, which are clearly labeled based on your regimen. Mine also came with the essential tools: the gold Kroma frother, a tumbler and a hemp travel pouch.

Although each 5-Day Reset is the same (it does offer a vegan option), Kroma encourages consumers to customize their experience based on their “protocol,” or goals. The three customizable protocols are “Lifestyle,” “Lean” or “Active.” All three protocols require additions of non-dairy milk, water, some berries and some veggies. “Lifestyle” allows some extra protein and vegetables, “Lean,” suggests few additions and “Active” allows extra protein, nuts, avocado and other vegetables.

As a newbie to the concept and someone who lives an active lifestyle, I opted for the “Active” protocol. I stocked up my fridge with fruit, vegetables, protein and non-dairy milk, and began the Reset.

What We Liked About the Reset

My very first breakfast—the Beauty Matcha Latte and the Super Porridge—I found bitter and difficult to enjoy. However, by the end of the Reset, I found myself feeling sad when I finished my last packets of the same Beauty Matcha Latte and Super Porridge. What Kroma helped me realize was that many foods, even so-called “healthy options,” are responding to consumers’ desire for sweet. Spending a week without eating artificially flavored foods helped reset my tastebuds, and reduced my desire for sweet foods beyond the Reset.

The daily routine began with a Beauty Matcha followed by a satiating Super Porridge. Snacks were generally plant-based smoothies or adaptogen lattes. Lunch and dinner were bone or veggie broths, sometimes paired with a Supergreens Elixir mix. The routine ended with a Calming + Restore Magnesium supplement. The Reset also came with the Perfect Fast Turmeric Tea (in the Deluxe edition) for the nighttime fasting period. I genuinely found every sachet delicious, except perhaps the Supergreens Elixir mix (I had never tried a “greens” mix before, and found it fairly bitter).

Likely because I opted for the Active protocol, I did not find myself hungry throughout the week. However, I probably would have been hungry had I chosen the “Lean” or “Lifestyle” protocols, which seem more focused on weight loss. One aspect of the Reset that I loved was the OMG Cookie Butter. Throughout the day, consumers are allowed spoonfuls of the OMG Cookie Butter—an almond butter mix with goji berries—when hungry, which was delicious.

What We Didn’t Like About the Reset

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For the caffeine-dependent, the lack of caffeine may be difficult, particularly if you’re planning on doing a Reset during a normal week. However, after my body got used to the lack of caffeine, I found that my energy levels were more consistent throughout the day.

The price point of the Kroma 5-Day Deluxe Edition Reset (which comes with the recommended tools) is high, at $450. However, each sachet felt exceptionally intentional with its ingredients and nutritional information. Unlike some juice cleanses that seem to mainly have a weight loss goal, Kroma felt more focused on “resetting” one’s approach to nutrition and healthy ingredients. For those who are focused on getting their nutritional goals back on track, Kroma is a great option.


The Kroma Wellness 5-Day Reset is a fantastic way to reset your nutrition. Unlike short-term weight-loss cleanses, Kroma truly changed my perspective on healthy ingredients. Although the lack of caffeine was difficult at first, Kroma’s superfoods gave me natural, more consistent energy. While the price point might be an obstacle for some, the 5-Day Reset is a fresh—and healthier—take on a longstanding health trend that may lead to a long-term improvement in eating habits.

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