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Product of the Week: Aktiv Recoil Is a Top-Quality Suspension Trainer

Product of the Week: Aktiv Recoil Is a Top-Quality Suspension Trainer

Recoil is more expensive than some suspension trainers, but it comes packed with premium features that may make it well worth the price

Founded in 2015 by Bryan Green, Aktiv Solutions creates and designs industry-leading functional training spaces for gyms, health clubs, hotels and more. Last year, the company launched Recoil, a suspension training device designed to accommodate a greater range of users with a customizable strap height. Recoil also has a patented frictionless braking system and the ability to “recoil” when not in use.

Athletech News put the Aktiv Recoil to the test to see how it held up. 


The Aktiv Recoil comes in compact packaging and is easy to install and transport. The device comes with a strap that has two carabiners at its ends – users can wrap the strap around a pull-up bar, secure a carabiner to the strap, and then attach the recoil system to the other carabiner. It took me several tries to figure out how best to attach the system to a pull-up bar, beam (or even a tree outside) in this manner, but once I did it felt strong and secure. The system can hold up to 330 pounds, so it works for many body types. 

While the device is small, it holds weight well. True to its name, the straps recoil up and down at customizable heights (up to 6 feet), which allows for versatility of exercises and workouts. With just the press of a button, users can adjust its height or allow the straps to fully recoil to store the suspension training system away. A small yet impressive detail was that pulling just one strap after pressing the button caused the other strap to follow at exactly the same height. This made workouts feel safe, secure, and balanced, even when I put my entire body weight on the system. 

credit: Aktiv Solutions

Recoil is great for those who are serious about suspension bodyweight workouts, particularly for exercises like dips or pull-ups, where using cheap straps can be dangerous. If you frequently switch the height of your suspension training system’s straps, Recoil would be a huge time saver due to its easy transitions compared to competitors. The straps’ ability to evenly adjust is also an underrated, important feature for reducing injuries and muscle imbalances. 

credit: Aktiv Solutions


Recoil is more expensive than many of its competitors in the suspension training world (on sale for $239.20 at time of publishing). If you need some of the features that differentiate Recoil from its competitors, like its customizable height, the straps’ ability to recoil, or its even adjustment, it could be well worth the price.

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One other issue I faced was that I wished the system had come with clearer instructions for getting started. As someone who is not a seasoned suspension trainer user, it would have been helpful to have a clear guide on how best to set up my Recoil. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Aktiv Recoil is a great option for those willing to spend more on a high-quality suspension training system. If you do versatile bodyweight suspension training workouts, particularly those that require frequent strap height changes, consider investing in Recoil. 

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