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Ikea Enters Fitness With At-Home Workout Collection

Ikea Enters Fitness With At-Home Workout Collection

Ikea is blending at-home fitness with practical home furnishings in its first-ever move into workout equipment

Ikea, best known for its budget-friendly furniture and decor, is capitalizing on the rising consumer trend toward health and fitness with plans to launch a limited 19-piece at-home workout collection that gives a new definition to “functional fitness.”

Dubbed the Dajlien (‘Daily’) collection, Ikea says its upcoming fitness product line supports everyday movement and creates healthy habits while complementing the home. The Netherlands-based and Sweden-founded furniture and decor retailer is rolling out the collection in January 2024, perfectly timed when many consumers are eager for a post-holiday reset. 

Ikea fans can expect to find exercise mats, a step-up board and a set of ring-shaped dumbbells designed for easy use, storage and even travel. A sleek, crate-style Dajlien storage bench (which can double as a coffee table) is also offered, complete with a non-slip mat. Additional products include recovery-promoting and stress-busting items, such as an air purifier, yoga straps, kneepads, a massage ball and a portable Bluetooth speaker, as well as wearables such as post-workout slippers and ponchos.

credit: IKEA

According to the furniture retailer, its Dajlien collection is based on ideas gained from visiting houses in New York, Chicago, London and Shanghai, with the company mindful of difficulties such as motivation, space limitations, time restraints and the general discomfort many have of working out at a gym. 

“Dajlien is all about supporting movement and helping people live more active lives at home,” said Akanksha Deo, designer at IKEA of Sweden. “We have designed a collection that helps bridge the gap between home and active life, that recognizes that training can take many shapes and forms and that you don’t need a lot of space to do a simple workout.”

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credit: IKEA

Keeping with Ikea’s theme, the at-home fitness collection is multi-functional, with its bamboo-crafted bench serving as part training equipment and part storage while remaining stylish. Unlike traditional at-home fitness equipment that tends to stand out, Ikea has created its workout products to be subtle in color and details, with the goal of the Dajlien collection to blend effortlessly into the home environment.

“Not everyone feels safe or comfortable going to a gym and at home we often deal with small space and time constraints,” said Sarah Fager, designer at Ikea of Sweden. “Dajlien was born from the desire to find smart solutions that address these limitations and help people create a convenient and motivating place for exercise. We wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy and natural everyday activity.”

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