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Chuze Fitness Acquires Bailey’s as Low-Cost Gym Chain Expands to East Coast

Chuze Fitness Acquires Bailey’s as Low-Cost Gym Chain Expands to East Coast

Chuze Fitness
Chuze will add Bailey’s 16 Florida and Georgia locations to its portfolio of budget-friendly gyms across the western U.S.

Chuze Fitness, a family-owned and operated health club chain launched in Carlsbad, California, is going bi-coastal with the acquisition of Florida-based Bailey’s Health & Fitness. 

Chuze Fitness has 44 locations across the western U.S. and felt a sense of camaraderie towards Bailey’s, which has 16 locations in the Jacksonville area and has been a fixture in its community for over 40 years. 

The deal signals the next growth phase for Chuze, which was founded in 2008 and now has locations spanning Colorado, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Georgia. 

Chuze offers memberships starting as low as $9.99 a month depending on location, and markets itself as offering high-quality equipment and amenities despite its low price tag.

Both fitness Chuze and Bailey’s are family-owned and operated, and when Cory Brightwell, co-founder and CEO of Chuze Fitness, met David and Darryl Bailey eight years ago, they realized they had the same goals in delivering a welcoming and member-first fitness experience

“We shared a philosophy of investing in our team and culture to create the best member experience,” said Brightwell. “We are thrilled to have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership and look forward to integrating our teams and continuing to bring the best fitness experience to the Jacksonville community.”

The owners of Chuze and Bailey’s have worked together for several years, sharing best practices and building relationships while also forging a friendship.

“After serving Jacksonville and the surrounding communities for over 40 years, the decision to sell was very difficult,” said David Bailey, owner of Bailey’s Health & Fitness.

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“We wanted to find a fitness company that shared the same values that our brother Don had when he started his first gym in the Arlington area in 1981,” Bailey said. “Having known the CEO of Chuze Fitness, Cory Brightwell, for the past eight years, my brother Darryl and I knew that Chuze was the right company to continue the legacy that Bailey’s has built.”

Bailey added that Chuze values its employees and engages in the communities it serves, so he is excited to see the investment and growth plans for the area. 

“It will help engage more people in a healthy and active lifestyle,” Bailey said. “We want to thank all our employees and members who have given us such great support and we want to let them know they are in good hands with Chuze Fitness.”

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