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Collaboration Alert: Tom Brady’s TB12 & Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete Unite for Love of the Game

Collaboration Alert: Tom Brady’s TB12 & Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete Unite for Love of the Game

Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero training
Both TB12 and House of Athlete will enhance the training experience for pro and everyday athletes

Tom Brady’s TB12, a health and wellness company co-founded by the starting quarterback of the Buccaneers, has joined forces with Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete, an athlete lifestyle brand dedicated to improving mental and physical fitness. 

The collaboration, which launches as House of Athlete begins the 2023 NFL Combine and Pre-Draft Training, is meant to enhance the offerings in sports medicine, performance, and personal training to athletes. 

Both wellness companies plan to curate co-location outposts in Weston and Tampa, Florida, expanding to new locations and cities in the future.

Brandon Marshall's House of Athlete
Brandon Marshall training in his House of Athlete

“House of Athlete and TB12 are two of the most disruptive health and wellness brands sitting at the intersection of performance and mental fitness,” said Brandon Marshall, Founder of HOA and six-time NFL Pro Bowler. 

“Athletes are considered some of the healthiest people on the planet. This partnership accelerates our mission to bring access to philosophies and methodologies that are typically reserved for the Brandon Marshall’s, Tom Brady’s and Serena Williams’ of the world,” he said. “Together TB12 and House of Athlete will help the next generation of pro athletes, and everyday athletes, achieve peak performance.”

TB12 body coaches and physical therapists will work with Combine athletes to provide body assessments and create custom-designed fitness programs for each athlete as part of the new partnership. Pro-performance training, advanced fitness and lifestyle coaching, manual athletic services, and IV therapy will be available at the co-locations, with a focus on sports medicine technology.

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Meghan Hayden working out

Bryan Hard, TB12 Body Coach, will lead sessions for NFL Combine athletes at HOA’s Tampa facility as part of the new partnership between TB12 and House of Athlete. Rudy Rodriguez of TB12 will train the athletes at the Weston facility. 

MLB players will also train at the facilities in preparation for spring training.

“As we expand TB12 into new markets, we are thrilled to be partnering with House of Athlete to make our services more accessible,” said Grant Shriver, CEO of TB12. “Our two brands are well-aligned when it comes to providing a holistic, personalized approach to performance and recovery, something we will continue to champion together through this partnership.”

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