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Boost Email Inbox Placement and Revenue For Your Brand With These Simple Steps

Boost Email Inbox Placement and Revenue For Your Brand With These Simple Steps

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Bloomreach provides simple ways to best improve email inbox placement with their AI-powered platform built for marketers like you.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in e-commerce for fitness companies. It can help businesses maintain their customer base, re-engage lost customers, and target new ones. However, the key to unlocking the potential of email marketing lies  in ensuring that emails are delivered directly, avoiding the spam folder.

Consider an example of an athletic brand called “GOLA.” Let’s say GOLA sends 7.3 million emails every month and earns nearly $2.5 million in monthly revenue from email conversions. If GOLA were to boost its email inbox placement rates from 97.3% to 99%, it would enjoy an additional 332 monthly conversions, with the same open, click-to-open, and click-to-conversion rates, generating over $33,000 in extra cash per month, which is just under $400,000 per year.

Bloomreach tips on improving email inbox placement

Here’s another example. Fallspice, a direct-to-consumer swimwear business, relies heavily on revenue driven by email. Every month, Fallspice earns an estimated $2.1 million from email conversions. However, Fallspice only reaches 93.6% of main inboxes, meaning that it unknowingly leaves millions of dollars on the table every year by not optimizing inbox placement. By simply improving inbox placement to 99%, Fallspice could gain 813 additional conversions every month, generating an additional $121,000 in sales. Over a year, this additional income would reach nearly $1.5 million.

The success of email inbox placement relies on having high email deliverability rates. However, with nearly half of the 270 billion emails sent worldwide every day being spam, ISPs have become skilled at blocking suspicious emails from users’ inboxes. Email marketers must, therefore, take specific steps to avoid their emails being marked as spam to boost inbox placement. 

An essential step to boost email inbox placement is keeping a clean email list. Marketers should regularly clean their email list by removing inactive subscribers and invalid email addresses. This will improve email deliverability rates and reduce the chances of being marked as spam. Another step is to improve engagement rates with subscribers by providing relevant, valuable, and engaging content. Marketers should personalize their emails by segmenting their email list based on demographics, interests, and behaviors to increase engagement rates. Marketers can also use authentication methods such as Sender Policy Framework, SPF, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) to improve email authentication. 

Marketers could also consider using email service providers (ESPs) that offer inbox placement tools. These tools provide detailed email deliverability reports that allow marketers to monitor and optimize their email campaigns to increase inbox placement rates. 

Bloomreach can help companies optimize email marketing strategies to reach 99% inbox placement — and not leave thousands (or millions!) of dollars behind in monthly revenue.

Here’s how Bloomreach can help fitness companies, and here’s the link for Bloomreach’s full report about its offering: 

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A powerful Customer Data engine: Bloomreach takes the data gleaned from a website, mobile app, and more, and uses its customer data engine to turn this intel into actionable insights. The powerful analytics core unifies a company’s customer data into a single marketing view, making it possible to create real-time customer segments and send truly personalized content. Consumers get highly relevant emails and earn a company more revenue using the power of insightful customer data.

Personalized content: Relevant, high-quality emails are the bedrock of high deliverability rates. No matter how catchy a subject line is, or how stunning its graphics are, if a message doesn’t include timely and relevant content, customers are less likely to convert. Bloomreach Engagement can help companies cut through the confusion of email personalization. Bloomreach’s solution learns a customer’s patterns and preferences, to optimize companies’ touchpoints and make sure that their messages send at the moment a customer most likely to action.

Email inbox placement is a crucial component of email marketing that can significantly impact revenue. By taking specific steps to avoid being marked as spam and improve email deliverability rates, marketers can boost email inbox placement, increase engagement rates, and generate more revenue. Marketers should keep a clean email list, provide relevant and engaging content, use email authentication methods, and consider using inbox placement tools offered by tested ESPs like Bloomreach.  

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