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BeaverFit Acquires Exclusive Manufacturing Rights for Rumble as the Xponential Fitness Boxing Brand Expands

BeaverFit Acquires Exclusive Manufacturing Rights for Rumble as the Xponential Fitness Boxing Brand Expands

BeaverFit has started manufacturing new benches & boxing rigs for Rumble in its Reno, Nevada headquarters

BeaverFit, a manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment, has signed on to be the exclusive manufacturer for Rumble, an Xponential Fitness-owned boutique boxing-inspired fitness program.

BeaverFit will manufacture custom-designed benches and boxing rigs for new Rumble franchise locations under the terms of the new agreement. BeaverFit’s US headquarters in Reno, Nevada, will manufacture the benches and boxing rigs. BeaverFit will be very busy – Rumble recently surpassed 200 newly-signed franchise agreements

According to Pete Rigs, EVP of construction and procurement at Xponential Fitness, the new Rumble benches and boxing rigs were designed and manufactured rather quickly. 

A video detailing the BeaverFit x Rumble design process can be viewed on YouTube

The new pieces are already in use at Rumble’s newly opened studios in Anchorage, Alaska, and Henderson, Nevada.

“This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had around product procurement in terms of how smooth and how fast it went. We went from discussing an idea over lunch, to having a napkin sketch, a computer rendering, and a finished product in less than three months. During a time when so many equipment manufacturers are struggling with their supply chain, the BeaverFit team and their domestic manufacturing capabilities really allowed us to deliver the equipment needed to help our newest franchisees open their locations on time,” Rigs says.

According to Shaun Grove, president of Rumble, the newly designed Rumble benches and boxing rigs were critical to the boxing brand expanding into new locations.

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“Not only did we want to capture the look and feel of the Rumble brand in this equipment, but we wanted to make sure that for our franchise partners making an investment that this equipment will last for years to come, and to ensure our members have the highest quality and safest equipment every time they step into a Rumble studio,” Grove says. 

The new Rumble bench was designed for strength, with a cushioned bench top, storage slots for five pairs of dumbbells, hooks to hold weighted knuckles, and a storage spot for boxing gloves. Four different rigs were designed to provide Rumble franchisees with flexibility and options for facility space.

“Designing the Rumble bench and boxing rigs was really a total team effort from start to finish,” says Justin Smith, COO, BeaverFit, North America. “Our design and engineering teams worked closely with the Rumble team to ensure the design met their functional requirements as well as brand aesthetic, while our in-house manufacturing and 100% domestic supply chain allowed us to quickly prototype, make updates, and ultimately begin producing hundreds of units for new Rumble locations. This opportunity is one of many we’re excited to support as we continue to see the aggressive growth in our commercial business from both a custom manufacturing and outdoor fitness perspective.”

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