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FLOWN: The Startup that is Launching a ‘Deep Work’ Revolution for Remote & Hybrid Workers

FLOWN: The Startup that is Launching a ‘Deep Work’ Revolution for Remote & Hybrid Workers

FLOWN, which has crafted online tools & resources to improve workplace creativity & productivity, has now raised £2.5 million in seed funding

Working from home has some advantages, but employees may discover the need to improve their focus and productivity. The startup FLOWN aims to change the way we think and work. The woman-led company has now raised £2.5 million in seed funding from Pi Labs, BDMI, and Venrex.


The neuroscience-backed company, led by sisters Alicia Navarro and COO Cat Navarro, comes at a time when some people are dismayed by the lack of structure, accountability, and social connectivity that comes with remote work. While some people prefer working from home, others have experienced feelings of isolation and a loss of the barrier between work and home life.

FLOWN, which acknowledges these employee struggles, promises to deliver “deep work” and boost “flow states” while providing tools to improve virtual work.

“I believe deep work and flow states will be for the next decade what mindfulness has been for the last,” says Alicia. The UK-based serial tech entrepreneur also founded Skimlinks, which was acquired in early 2020.

Alicia points out that more businesses are adopting a “deep work culture,” realizing that it’s key to driving growth and satisfaction within their teams. 

FLOWN, which offers sessions of “deep work” and content that recharges employees, addresses the need of socialization. Members can attend Flock sessions, where workers introduce themselves, work on a task, and then check in with one another. The Flock sessions feature three options to participate in: a 20 minute take-off, a two-hour deep dive, and power hour. FLOWN says that the participants of the Flock may work at different companies. 

Recharge sessions include meditative exercises and sensory challenges. And, if a worker needs a bit of inspiration, FLOWN offers a Porthole, where people can view others in action. Portholes feature sculptors, writers, composers, athletes, and even Alicia. The goal, FLOWN says, is to trigger productivity neurons. 

“We invested in FLOWN because, when we imagine what the future of the office means post-COVID, we see services that enable distributed teams to be efficient, creative, and engaged, irrespective of where they are working. Alicia’s plan to build a media company for deep work – taking the playbook of companies like Calm and Peloton and applying it to a workspace – is of its time. With founders like Alicia and Cat at the helm, we are excited to back this vision,” says Huga Silva, investment lead at Pi Labs.

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Alicia, who was tired of working remotely and dissatisfied with co-working spaces, embarked on a three-month trip to France and Spain. Alicia was inspired to revolutionize modern work after reading Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work.”

Alicia tested her tools at deep work retreats using experiments, and just as FLOWN was about to be pitched to investors, the COVID-19 pandemic began and remote work increased.

Despite the difficult time, FLOWN was able to secure £1.2m in a pre-seed round. January Ventures, Auxxo Ventures, and Alma Angels also participated in the funding.

Businesses who are interested in bringing on FLOWN for its teams can join the startup’s wait list.

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