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BeaverFit & Eleiko Team Up to Enhance Outdoor Training Experience

BeaverFit & Eleiko Team Up to Enhance Outdoor Training Experience

BeaverFit containers will be available & outfitted with Eleiko’s strength accessories & free weights as a result of the collaboration

BeaverFit and Eleiko have announced a partnership to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts who enjoy working out outside. The collaboration, which spans the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, enables fitness enthusiasts to train outside comfortably and safely store fitness accessories in a durable, waterproof container.

Eleiko will become a distributor for BeaverFit, the world’s largest supplier of outdoor fitness equipment and the creator of the container gym, which was originally designed for the Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom.

The two fitness companies complement each other well. The outdoor fitness equipment supplier and Eleiko, a leader in crafted strength equipment, are both excited to join together in providing integrated training and storage.

“Eleiko and BeaverFit are both leaders in their respective fields. Together, we will deliver fantastic outdoor training solutions to customers around the world,” says Erik Blomberg, CEO of Eleiko.

BeaverFit says it will offer upgraded Eleiko equipment packages for new and existing clients in the UK and US, allowing them to purchase BeaverFit containers that come fully equipped with Eleiko’s range of strength accessories and free weights.

“It feels incredible to be involved in creating a tailored offering bringing together two strong brands and products that are made to be used by the best athletes in the world,” shares Tom Beaver, co-founder of BeaverFit.

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The product offering ranges from the classic container gym solutions to the Shred Shed.

“I am incredibly happy to bring a cutting-edge solution building on Eleiko and BeaverFit’s unique offerings to our Nordic customers,” says Johan Arnerlind, Country Manager for Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. 

“BeaverFit are specialists in outdoor training and together we will present completely new solutions that raise the bar on performance to our customers.”

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