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Aktiv Innovates on Traditional Smith Machine With Free Bar Bath

Aktiv Innovates on Traditional Smith Machine With Free Bar Bath

The Gym Rax Smith 3D Trainer finds a sweet spot between security and freedom of movement in barbell strength training 

Aktiv Solutions is expanding its collection of fitness equipment offerings, adding new functionality to a long-standing favorite of the strength training community. 

The commercial and home gym design company announced the launch of its Gym Rax Smith 3D Trainer (S3D). The strength training system gives users the feel, flexibility and overall benefits of working with free weights, alongside the security that comes with using equipment like a traditional smith machine. 

“Unlike traditional smith machines, the S3D mimics the natural movement patterns of barbell exercises without the restrictions of a single and linear range of motion,” Aktiv says of the new product. 

credit: Aktiv Solutions

The S3D accomplishes this with synchronized safety catches that work like built-in spotters. This feature makes the product ideal for unsupervised gyms or fitness centers, such as those found in hotels or college campuses. It also makes the product functional for experienced weightlifters and newcomers alike. 

S3D users can experience natural, 3D movements when lifting, as there’s no singular or linear range of motion the barbell must follow. This allows users to push their limits in the gym without endangering themselves. The S3D also has a space-saving design, making it an easy fit in most gyms or fitness facilities. Its versatile design also allows users to partake in a wide variety of workouts. 

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“The world is recognizing the transformative power of strength training, from boosting longevity and mobility to enhancing overall quality of life,” said Bryan Green, founder and CEO of Aktiv Solutions. “Very few tools compete with the natural movement and effectiveness of the barbell. With the S3D, we’ve now unlocked unprecedented levels of efficiency, safety and user experience, making barbell training accessible for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or goals.”

Aktiv couldn’t have picked a better time to launch a product with a “best of both worlds” approach to strength training. Mindbody listed the workout modality as its top fitness trend for 2024. Strength training is notably growing in popularity among those 55 years or older, illustrating an increase in demand across new demographics.

It’s an exciting product launch during an exciting time for Aktiv, as the company recently brought in Mike Kelly to serve as its new global vice president of sales. Kelly and Aktiv aim to expand into key market segments, form new distribution partnerships and launch new products. 

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