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TeamUp Fitness App ‘Changes the Game’ for Fitness Professionals and Fitness Enthusiasts Around the World

TeamUp Fitness App ‘Changes the Game’ for Fitness Professionals and Fitness Enthusiasts Around the World

PUSHiC2 Announced Today the Launch of a New Social Fitness App Built Exclusively for the Fitness Community

How did TeamUp Fitness change the game with their fitness app, you may ask? 

TeamUp Fitness created features for fitness professionals to make money from the content they create. The app’s unique “Lock your content feature” allows a Fitness Professional to Lock exclusive content either per individual posts or all their content for a monthly subscription. TeamUp developed a unique feature called the “Marketplace” where a Fitness Pro can offer LIVE Experiences like a Virtual Workout or a Live Video Chat, two great ways to make money using the TeamUp Fitness platform!

TeamUp Fitness has been actively forming partnerships with elite athletes, fitness trainers, world champions, experts in the fitness community with many becoming brand ambassadors. Holly Sonders, well-known sports reporter and host seen on Fox Sports, Golf Channel and a myriad of other programs is also a partner in our TeamUp Fitness family.

Key features for fitness enthusiasts include the capability to engage and interact with others who share the same fitness goals and activities, a great way to socialize with others from around the globe who have an active lifestyle in the era of social distancing.  The app’s proprietary analytics will TeamUp enthusiasts with fitness professionals based on their fitness activities and goals. Members also receive weekly notifications to discover other Members to possibly TeamUp with!

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Another great feature where TeamUp Fitness went all out is fitness challenges. This is not your typical pre-loaded boring challenge app. We created our challenge feature on steroids to maximize participation and creativity. We designed a section in the app that’s dedicated to fitness challenges, when a challenge is accepted it gets displayed in the feed for all to see. For extra motivation and fun, you can even place a friendly wager on the success of the challenge, motivation at its best!

Fitness Professionals now have a surefire way to monetize from the content they create, while building a bigger following around the world. Fitness Enthusiasts have a social platform that’s dedicated to solely fitness, it’s time to make the transition and invite your followers, clients, and friends to join the TeamUp Fitness. Download the Free TeamUp Fitness app today on Apple and Google Play.

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