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Power Plate Unveils New REV Exercise Bike, Partnership With Life Time

Power Plate Unveils New REV Exercise Bike, Partnership With Life Time

Power Plate REV
Power Plate is bringing its vibration technology to Life Time clubs nationwide as part of a new pickleball sponsorship

Power Plate, the leading global provider of vibration technology, has had an eventful year, as it introduced Power Plate REV, the first-ever cycling modality with vibration technology, and became a new sponsor of Life Time Pickleball.

Power Plate uses its PrecisionWave technology to send tiny vibrations through your body, for up to 50 times a second. The micro vibrations are said to activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation and assist muscle recovery.

Power Plate has unveiled the Power Plate REV, a first-of-its-kind product that brings the benefits of vibration technology to the world of cycling. Powered by patent-pending VibeShift technology, the Power Plate REV generates precise mechanical vibrations through the pedals, resulting in increased muscle activation, calorie burn, oxygen uptake and cardiovascular effort. Power Plate REV was introduced at IHRSA 2023 in San Diego earlier this year.

By integrating the Power Plate REV with whole-body vibration training, users can experience elevated heart rates, making it ideal for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and repeated effort high-intensity training (REHIIT).

The exercise bike offers a wide range of proprietary programming options to cater to different needs, from overall health improvement to intense elite training. Fitness facilities can leverage the Power Plate REV to attract and retain members, establish a competitive advantage and enhance the variety and flexibility of their training offerings, the company says.

Power Plate partners with Life Time on pickleball

Power Plate also announced that it will serve as the official vibration technology sponsor of Life Time Pickleball.

As pickleball is among the fastest-growing sports in America, Power Plate’s partnership with Life Time provides players with the tools to improve mobility, balance and strength. By incorporating whole-body vibration into warm-up routines, players can experience faster recovery, reduced injury risks and enhanced healing capabilities.

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Power Plate REV pickleball
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Life Time, renowned for its extensive network of pickleball courts, will now have Power Plate equipment available in its clubs nationwide, further aiding pickleball enthusiasts in their preparation and recovery.

“As pickleball continues to explode among people of all ages, it’s important to ensure they have mobility, balance, and strength to play their best,” Lee Hillman, CEO of Power Plate manufacturer Performance Health Systems, said in a statement. “Through this relationship with Life Time, and optimizing Power Plate usage, we aim to support members in their preparation and recovery, just as we’ve helped athletes of all ages and skills in all types of sports and activities for more than 23 years.”

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