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NASM Adds Personal Training Course on Mindful Drinking

NASM Adds Personal Training Course on Mindful Drinking

The course equips fitness professionals to guide clients in pursuing mindful alcohol consumption, a growing trend among Gen Z

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has launched a new continuing education course called Mindful Drinking to address the growing interest in mindful alcohol consumption. The comprehensive multimedia course explores a holistic approach to drinking and provides strategies for making intentional choices related to alcohol.

The course delves into alcohol’s influence on wellness pillars like nutrition, sleep, cognitive function and physical activity. Fitness professionals can access useful resources and practical guides for understanding society’s relationship with alcohol, which can inform personal training program design.

“What I love most about the mindful drinking mindset is that it gives my clients more options, not fewer,” says Mallory Fox, DHSc, NASM product marketing manager and a NASM-certified wellness coach.

“Clients often abstain from alcohol as a means to reach their fitness goals; however, when clients feel restricted, they’re more likely to struggle on their journey,” Fox says. “Arming my clients with flexibility and choice helps them reach their goals in a holistic, sustainable way.”

The self-guided offering is based on scientific research and expert input from neuroscientist Jaime Tartar, PhD. It awards 0.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion. NASM developed the course in response to rising trends like “Dry January” and growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks, especially among Gen Z, who in 2022 were the fastest-growing demographic of non-alcoholic-drink consumers. 

As consumers become more conscious about their wellness, this new course provides a pathway to make informed decisions related to alcohol consumption.

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“The end goal of the Mindful Drinking course is to empower people with strategies for making choices and changes related to drinking alcohol,” said course author Derek Brown, an NASM-certified wellness coach. “Alcohol often holds a very personal space in people’s lives and the course aims to explore unique ways that we can drink more intentionally.”

NASM expects the course to equip fitness professionals to guide clients exploring mindful drinking. It’s the first continuing education course under the organization’s growing wellness portfolio, which includes Emotion in Motion – Exercise as an Anxiety Intervention, and another course that explores the topic of mental toughness, which highlights key aspects of psychological strength for fitness and sport. 

Additionally, NASM offers a comprehensive wellness coach certification and a variety of specializations tailored for personal trainers that focus on aspects like behavior change and holistic health, designed to enhance client retention.

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