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Fight Out Unleashes New Crypto Platform for ‘Fighting Fit’

Fight Out Unleashes New Crypto Platform for ‘Fighting Fit’

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Fitness lovers will have the ability to test their exercise goals in the metaverse with Move-To-Earn platform Fight Out

This year, get prepared to witness fitness and crypto connect in the metaverse with Fight Out. Fight Out is a Move-To-Earn platform (fitness app and gym chain combined) designed to help users earn rewards and create real-world gyms from working out. Think of this, per Fight Out, as a gamification of fitness.  

In documentation courtesy of Fight Out, it’s explained that the M2E platform was fashioned to “introduce a mass Web2 audience to Move-to-Earn by using user-friendly technology and, through digital avatars with substantial Web3 utility, introduce the Web2 audience to the metaverse as the ‘next step’ for their avatar.” All avatars are NFT-based. 

Fight Out adds, “The Fight Out platform is the bridge between Web2 users and the Web3 world.”

The M2E platform allows people to earn badges, in-app currency called REPS, and other bonuses using $FGHT tokens to workout. This, in turn, is projected to encourage consistency in one’s fitness routine and an increase in crypto purchases to use Fight Out. Along with personalized workout routines, on-demand and live classes featuring a wide berth of training exercises such as HIIT, yoga, and meditation can be found. In addition, users can track their progress against others on leaderboards in the Fight Out metaverse.

Aside from changing the landscape of how workouts are executed and tracked in the metaverse, Fight Out also plans to unveil the “world’s first major Web-3 integrated gyms” outside of the digital world and into the real one. Fight Out plans to open up to 20 physical gyms internationally after the initial space is opened during the fourth quarter of the year. These gyms will be outfitted with enviable amenities including health bars, content studios, and co-working spaces.

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“These IRL facilities are designed to maximise Move-To-Earn earnings opportunities, to show off avatars, and foster deeper community bonds. The goal is to build a strong brand that helps grow the user base and demand for in-app features and products, thereby increasing demand for $FGHT as a currency,” says Fight Out.

The future of M2E appears to be a sensational one with Fight Out poised to revolutionize the way we work out both in and outside of the metaverse. On January 10, Fight Out announced their presale launch raised over $2.8 million in its first stage. You can find out how to join the presale before Fight Out’s stage 2 (and price escalation) on the app’s website at

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