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Ebenezer Samuel to Lead Training Innovation at Flexit

Ebenezer Samuel to Lead Training Innovation at Flexit

Fitness guru Ebenezer Samuel will help grow Flexit and provide unparalleled remote personal training experiences for the customers.

FlexIt, the fitness app that enables users to seamlessly access fitness facilities and live 1-on-1 virtual personal training with leading, certified trainers, announces that Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., veteran fitness trainer and social media fitness personality, will join the company as Head of Training Innovation.

Effective February 16, Ebenezer Samuel will be advising the FlexIt team on the direction of its Virtual Personal Training (VPT) product, including training innovation, training-optimized features, and overall client success. He will also offer training and related services to select FlexIt clients exclusively on the brand’s proprietary platform. 

In speaking with Athletech News late last week, Founder & CEO Austin Cohen highlighted that the addition of Ebenezer Samuel to the FlexIt team as Head of Training Innovation will allow FlexIt to reach new audiences, provide added value to its existing customer-base, and help to accelerate the training side to FlexIt’s offering and technology.

Cohen remarked, “We are thrilled to work with Ebenezer, as his vision for the future of fitness is aligned with ours and we are excited to collectively bring comfortable, flexible and highly personalized fitness experiences to consumers across the United States, and internationally.” 

As Head of Training Innovation, Ebenezer Samuel will leverage his industry expertise, influence, and passion for fitness to assist FlexIt in product direction and content creation. Guided by Samuel’s insight, FlexIt’s VPT platform will remain the number one choice for consumers, brands, and trainers across the country.

Samuel will also offer fitness consultations and one-on-one insights to FlexIt’s clients, helping them reach their goals efficiently.

“I am excited to help FlexIt impact more clients and have an impact on health and wellness,” said Ebenezer Samuel. “My whole life, I have sought to help people to look and feel their best. My mission aligns with FlexIt’s mission to make fitness more accessible. FlexIt is the best way to work out virtually — I could not be more thrilled to join the team.”

Justin Turetsky, Founding Team & COO, explains, “Bringing Eb on board reaffirms our commitment to delivering high quality content and experiences for our clients and trainers. FlexIt and Eb could not be more aligned on the mission to make fitness more accessible – Wherever, Whenever ™ .”

“We are committed to being the most knowledgeable team in the health and wellness industry,” said Cohen. “Ebenezer is a leader in the fitness space with experience training both high-performing athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. Our platform is built to deliver unparalleled remote personal training experiences, while traditional videoconferencing is built for meetings.

He added, “Eb’s experience makes him a natural addition to the team as we continue to build the best platform for and by trainers with the FlexIt client in mind.” 

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Ebenezer Samuel told Athletech News upon the release of the announcement, “FlexIt is paving the way for innovation in fitness and personal training. I am super excited to be joining the team and to be offering my unique perspective on how we can use technology to enhance the fitness experience – no matter what your fitness level or where you are.”

Through partnerships with top fitness brands across the country, FlexIt–the only true hybrid fitness solution–makes high-quality, at-home and in-gym fitness easily accessible for all.

With its Virtual Personal Training offering, users have access to book and take personal training sessions from top tier personal trainers seamlessly from the FlexIt app or website.

In addition, FlexIt users are able to access its network of over 3,000 partner facilities across the country while paying only for the time they use. 

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