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Can Gyms Come Back From COVID-19 By Using New Technology?

Can Gyms Come Back From COVID-19 By Using New Technology?

COVID-19 has a tremendous impact on many businesses, but the fitness and exercise industry has been hit particularly hard. On one side, many membership-based gyms and fitness centers have seen in-person business collapse due to lockdowns. As with displacements in some other industries due to the pandemic, however, there are pockets that are actually growing. For example, direct to consumer weight training equipment sales have grown by 307% over the past few months. Moreover, some fitness companies that offer virtual programs have seen significant growth.

In an effort to respond to the dramatic changes in the external environment facing gym owners, Munich-based EGYM and it’s North American based office in Boulder, CO has launched a program called Immunity Plus designed to serve its customer base, which consists primarily of gyms and fitness clubs. Immunity Plus is a group of hardware and software products designed to help gym operators navigate the new realities of the reopening phase… READ MORE @ Forbes

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