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ABC Trainerize, Wrkout Support Personal Trainers in Earning Passive Income

ABC Trainerize, Wrkout Support Personal Trainers in Earning Passive Income

The partnership gives fitness professionals the ability to monetize their expertise by recommending products to clients

In an effort to provide additional support to personal trainers, ABC Fitness has introduced TZ Storefront, an initiative in collaboration with Wrkout, a product recommendation platform for fitness professionals. The partnership offers trainers a pathway to recommend various fitness-related products to their clients, allowing them to earn cash rewards while enhancing their services.

The relationship between personal trainers and product recommendations has always been intricate, often lacking tangible rewards for the coaches. A recent survey by ABC Trainerize highlighted this disconnect, revealing that over 60% of trainers recommend products without any financial return.

TZ Storefront, powered by Wrkout, is designed to help fitness professionals leverage their expertise by recommending products such as supplements, fitness equipment and apparel directly to their clients. Through this platform, trainers can earn cash rewards for each purchase made through their recommendations, thus creating a passive income stream.

Sharad Mohan, platform president for ABC Trainerize at ABC Fitness, highlighted the significance of this collaboration in supporting trainers’ business growth.

“Trainers are helpers by nature and already recommend products to their clients,” Mohan said. “Our partnership with Wrkout enables them to monetize that expertise as an additional revenue stream. Trainers will now be compensated for their product knowledge, at no cost to their clients and with no fees themselves.”

For optimal use, TZ Storefront can be leveraged across various channels, from social media to direct client interactions. Incorporating recommendation links into different aspects of a coaching business can amplify sales potential and, consequently, revenue from affiliate marketing.

A Solution for All Personal Trainers

Unlike similar platforms that may be limited to influencers or those with a large social media following, TZ Storefront is open to all fitness professionals. This inclusivity aims to democratize opportunities to earn additional income through product recommendations.

Curtis Christopherson, founder and CEO of Wrkout, emphasized the mutual benefits of the partnership.

“Coaches can unlock a new way to support their clients in their wellness journeys while also unlocking a passive income stream,” he said. “This allows clients to get advice from a trusted source on the products that align with their unique goals and needs, and then purchase them directly from best-in-class brands.”

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Christopherson added that over 40 brands and thousands of products are available in Wrkout, with more hitting the app nearly every week, broadening the opportunities for coaches to support their clients and earn rewards.

credit: ABC Trainerize/Wrkout

Beyond the financial incentives, TZ Storefront offers coaches a way to enrich their service offerings. By incorporating product recommendations into their programs, coaches and trainers can provide a more holistic approach, potentially increasing client satisfaction and retention.

Available exclusively to Trainerize Payments subscribers in the USA and Canada, TZ Storefront is accessible via the Trainerize app on iOS or Android.

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