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Why Sleep May Be the Next Big Thing in Wellness Travel

Why Sleep May Be the Next Big Thing in Wellness Travel

As travelers collect passport stamps and air miles, they’re increasingly seeking opportunities to get quality shut-eye, a Hilton report shows

A newly released report from Hilton reveals that personal wellness is a goal of travelers across all generations in 2024, with a good night of sleep at the top of the list.

Most would agree that life has been anything but stress-free in the last few years, given an unprecedented pandemic, job losses, rising interest rates and healthcare costs. These factors may explain why so many Americans are gravitating to health and wellness activities as they continue to reset, utilizing travel to practice self-care. 

Further underscoring the importance of travel to consumers, Hilton’s report shows that 64% of global travelers will reduce spending in other areas of their lives to prioritize leisure travel in 2024. 

Hilton’s “2024 Trends Report: What Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X and Baby Boomers Tell Us About Travel in the Year Ahead” shows that 44% of Gen Z travelers, 37% of Millennials and 28% of Gen Xers welcome the use of music or podcasts before sleep.

In addition to being lulled to sleep by music or a podcast, nearly 10% of global travelers reveal that they pack a white noise machine to create a soothing soundscape.

Gen Z travelers, in particular, are most mindful of their night-time routines, with 21% regulating workout routines and 25% avoiding alcohol before hitting the hay.

The Rest & Rejuvenation Economy

Although traveling is mainly about the destination, consumers are coming to expect various touchpoints throughout their journey that promote rest and well-being, with companies taking note. United, one of the major players in the airline industry, recently announced a partnership with Therabody, bringing the wellness technology company’s products and devices to its international business class travelers.

Much like Hilton, the airline referenced a surprising stat: 83% of international travelers want to catch up on sleep while in the air, with over half reporting sleep is more important than Wi-Fi access or even beverage service.

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Airports are also getting a rejuvenation overhaul as demand for wellness increases. In addition to its in-flight Therabody amenities, United is introducing in-airport Therabody Reset Suites, which are scheduled to open this fall at all United Polaris lounges.

Can consumers expect to see more cross-partnerships between the travel and wellness industry? It seems likely. 

In addition to fitness brands like Peloton pushing into hospitality, a global travel trends report by American Express revealed that 70% of travelers prefer to arrive at the airport early to settle in and relax before embarking on their travels. With extra time to themselves, others may prefer to squeeze in a workout and shower, made possible by Roam Fitness, an airport-based gym concept with locations at the Philadelphia International Airport and Washington D.C.’s BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

You can read the full Hilton 2024 Trends Report here.

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