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Strava Partners with Snap, Launching the Activity Lens

Strava Partners with Snap, Launching the Activity Lens

Snap and Strava's Activity Lens at work
Strava, one of the largest sports communities, has partnered with Snap to launch the Activity Lens, a new way to access stats and activity maps from users’ workouts. Snapchatters can use the Activity Lens to take a Snap or post a Story that shares their latest Strava adventures.

The Strava Activity Lens, in partnership with Snap, is a first-of-its-kind augmented reality (AR) experience that allows users to share their fitness journeys with close friends and family using the Snap Camera. Regardless of the activity — a grueling hike, a leisurely walk, or a bike ride — users can share their latest workout with their network.

By connecting one’s Snap account with Strava, users can take a photo or video and overlay one’s route, distance, elevation, moving time, and the date and time. A Strava link will be attached to the Snap, so friends and family can access even more information with just one tap. Users can also add music and Stickers, truly making the Snap or Story their own. They can also create slideshows—retrospectives on workouts. By tapping “Memories” to access photos from a workout, users can press and slide the capture button to lock and record hands-free and narrate the slideshow or images.

Strava has 100 million registered athletes, and Snapchat has a reach of 363 million daily active users, which makes the Activity Lens partnership particularly impactful for the fitness industry. As social networking and fitness become even more intertwined, athletes are looking for ways to share their workouts with their communities in creative ways. 

There are two ways to access and use the Lens. First, on Strava, you can choose a workout and tap the “share to ‘Snapchat Lens’” icon, which will take you to the Lens experience on Snapchat. Second, on Snapchat, you can find the Lens in Snapchat’s “Lens Explorer” or on Strava’s “Public Profile.” Your most recent workout will automatically appear, and you can toggle through different activities.

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The Lens is available globally to Strava users and Snapchatters on iOS and Android.

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