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Gabrielle Reece, Health & Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur, and Podcast Host Joins Rebalance Health as Brand Ambassador

Gabrielle Reece, Health & Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur, and Podcast Host Joins Rebalance Health as Brand Ambassador

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Gabrielle Reece, a former professional volleyball player and current entrepreneur and podcast host, has joined Rebalance Health, a stress management supplement solution for men and women that naturally balances hormone levels. Reece spoke with ATN about her partnership with the brand and how it’s helped her reach her goals.

Rebalance Health is a supplement brand that provides a 3x daily stress management supplement routine for men and women. Rebalance’s main focus is balancing cortisol, the stress hormone. Elevated cortisol can impact other hormones, affecting sleep, recovery, testosterone, and melatonin production. Rebalance’s “DirectLine™” technology makes the products 300% more bioavailable for consumers than the market leader, utilizing its three-pronged stress management solution: Energize, Relax, and Dream Catcher. Studies have demonstrated results of an increase in natural estradiol production, a positive increase in natural testosterone production, along with improved duration and better-quality sleep. ATN spoke with Gabrielle Reece about her decision to partner with Rebalance, and her perspective about health and wellness.  

ATN: How has the Rebalance Stress Management System influenced your approach to health and wellness?

Gabrielle Reece: I’ve been doing this a very long time. It would be unrealistic to say that it’s shifted my approach, because my approach has always been ingredients first. But the more you know, you learn that you want to simplify the process. But also find what’s achievable, like what can I do every day? For example, the whole cortisol management part was a very big piece for me. And I’m always having a hard time sleeping. Rebalance Health is not a sleep aid, but it does set you up where if you’re regulating your cortisol, then it’s supporting better sleep and recovery. I like the fact that all the ingredients are in my cabinet, and that there’s a male and female formula, because we’re different, and have different needs. I tried Rebalance Health for many months before I agreed to work with them, and they agreed to work with me. They take all that very seriously. I love the idea of having all of these best-in-class adaptogens. So, there was a lot of research on what was in there, and it’s very easy to use. I like any time we can get back to some of the basics. What I appreciate about Rebalance is that it’s old, tried and true ingredients. Also, if people are going to take the product, give it time. You can’t chew or swallow it. You have to suck on the lozenge, like a mint. I use the first one as a breath freshener. While I’m preparing dinner, I pop in the early evening one, and I take the Dream Catcher as I’m getting into bed. Again, I just really liked the idea of things that are just kind of covering little gaps that I may not be able to accomplish throughout the day.

ATN: How has your journey in health and wellness shifted over the years?

Gabrielle Reece: I’ve never been one to follow trends or fads. I try to focus on inflammation, getting good sleep, eating, moving enough certainly, and metabolic function. It’s about keeping it simple and being consistent. A root of a lot of issues is that systems in the body aren’t functioning correctly. And I find that really exciting, because it can be overwhelming. Everyone feels overwhelmed by all this information.

ATN: What are some of the biggest misconceptions in health and wellness, and how can people guard against them?

Gabrielle Reece: I think that we all think we’re going to be the one person who can hack it, fully just hack it. And I always say the hacks are bonus, when you’re doing these core things correctly. Like stress. Sometimes, it’s a badge of honor—I work all these hours and I don’t sleep, I answer every e-mail. But even if even if you exercise perfectly and eat perfectly, you still have a chance to really destroy your microbiome with just stress itself. So, one of the things is people think they can hack their way to feeling good, that there’s a magic pill, or vibrating exercise thing that will get you into shape. One of the things I always shy away from are when people have absolutes. Being overwhelmed with new information, I think we try to avoid the work. There’s no avoiding the work. But that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. And it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect every time. It’s like 80% of the time, if you do the right things. We just have to streamline and simplify.

ATN: How do you integrate Rebalance into your life?

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Gabrielle Reece: I call it intelligent support when you have a product where a team’s been really thoughtful about how they developed it, who they developed it with, and how it’s administered. And Rebalance Health isn’t saying, “take it once”. It’s part of a daily ritual. Rebalance Health helps bridge the tiny little gaps that we have in our lives. Rebalance creates an environment for me to get deeper sleep. Now, I’m more rested and recovered. So, when I get up, not only will I function better, I’m going to be more restored, which will make me eat less sugar and crap. So, I call it a soft float. Rebalance creates an environment in your system to let your system do its job better. It is also really easy-to-use and simple.

ATN: What motivates you on your health journey?

Gabrielle Reece: I see people crushing themselves with training—they talk about it at the dinner table, they have their wearables, and they talk about their statistics. I appreciate that they’re competing, but I would also encourage people to focus on recovery and be thoughtful and rigorous about how you recover. Younger generations have a lot more stress than my group. We had more distance away from phones and all the noise. It’s actually all about inviting this group to say you have to be consistent. Food is king. It’s also about inviting people to ask why they are using their bodies, and in what way? What’s the best way to get to their goals? If you stay a forever student, you just keep learning from others with an open mind.

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