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Samsung Sues Oura Over IP Ahead of Galaxy Ring Launch

Samsung Sues Oura Over IP Ahead of Galaxy Ring Launch

The intellectual property dispute could have market-changing effects on the highly competitive smart ring space

Tech giant Samsung has filed a preemptive lawsuit against Oura in a strategic attempt to prevent any potential intellectual property disputes before the launch of its highly anticipated Galaxy Ring.

The lawsuit, filed in the Northern District of California aims to ward off potential litigation from Oura, which is known for aggressive IP enforcement. 

Samsung’s suit alleges that Oura’s actions and public statements indicate an intention to challenge any new entrants into the U.S. smart ring market, including Samsung.

“Oura’s immediate response to the announcement of the Galaxy Ring was to point to the purported strength of its intellectual property portfolio,” the lawsuit states.

Samsung asserts that its Galaxy Ring does not infringe on any of Oura’s patents, and the filing outlines what it characterizes as Oura’s pattern of aggressive IP protection, noting that the company has previously sued like Ultrahuman, Circular, and RingConn upon their entries in the U.S. market. 

The lawsuit highlights Oura’s media tour following the Galaxy Ring announcement, where the company emphasized its “over 150 patents.” It also noted that Oura CEO Tom Hale stated, in an interview with CNBC, that it was “very important for us to protect the innovations that we’ve brought to market,” and that “we’ll see whether or not it ( the Galaxy Ring) infringes on (Oura’s technology). And frankly, we’ll take the action that’s appropriate.” 

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Samsung has a history of patent disputes with Apple, where it challenged the validity of some of Apple’s patents, deeming them obvious or industry-standard. The legal disputes, which took place over the course of nearly seven years, ultimately resulted in a 2018 settlement between the two companies. 

The Samsung lawsuit against Oura also sheds light on the South Korean tech giant’s launch plans for the Galaxy Ring. According to the legal documentation, Samsung finalized the Galaxy Ring’s design in mid-May 2024 and plans to begin mass production in mid-June. The Galaxy Ring is expected to hit the U.S. market around August 2024. 

Oura has yet to publicly respond to Samsung’s lawsuit. If Samsung succeeds, it could reshape the competitive landscape of the smart ring industry, particularly in increasingly saturated markets like fitness wearables. 

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