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Reform RX Introduces the Future of Pilates with its Digitally-Connected Reformer

Reform RX Introduces the Future of Pilates with its Digitally-Connected Reformer

The digitally-connected pilates brand is excited to build a community of Pilates enthusiasts with its results-driven workout

Reform RX has announced the launch of its digitally-connected Pilates reformer and a showroom/filming studio in Newport Beach, California. The reformer targets all muscle groups in a results-driven workout, and allows for a versatile fitness practice, inclusive to those with injuries.


RX members can access a growing content library, filled with over a hundred live and on-demand classes from expert instructors and celeb trainers like Alyssa Sparks, Lucas Lombardo, and Kourtney McCullough, who has trained Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson. Reform RX classes range from 5 to 60 minutes, allowing fitness consumers to get in a workout that fits their schedule.

“Our RX instructors base their classes around the Reform Method, a dynamic and contemporary practice I curated in 2015,” Reform RX CEO and co-founder Yvette McGaffin tells Athletech News. “This method encompasses the key components that make up the musculoskeletal system: flexibility, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness, which ensures a full-body workout every time. It’s a holistic approach to your fitness regime, so it promotes a stronger mind-to-muscle connection, meaning you’re able to get out of your head and focus on your physical movement.” 

The commercial grade RX pilates reformer tracks movement and communicates resistance selection via a processor, allowing the user to track fitness data and receive biometrics on movement, calories burned, and heart rate. The digital connectivity component is essential, says McGaffin.

“By presenting consumers with their post-workout analytics, it gives them the transparency and motivation they need to help them improve their physical health and achieve their fitness goals. This was a really important feature that we felt was essential to incorporate into our RX reformer; showing the tangible results that can be achieved from a reformer Pilates workout not only incentivizes the consumer, but also educates the wider industry,” McGaffin says.

The digital connection also fosters a sense of community. According to McGaffin, feeling connected improves the user experience for those who train at home. Members can follow other RX users and gain inspiration from their workouts thanks to a community feature. “It improves motivation, knowing that others are participating in the same classes, and it heightens the sense of being part of a group of like-minded individuals, even if they’re in an entirely different state,” says McGaffin.

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The connected reformer, which costs $4,995, boasts a 21.5-inch, sweat-resistant, casting-enabled ultra HD touch screen and custom speakers with surround sound.

“At-home reformer workouts have historically been confined to industry professionals, whereas now, with Reform RX, we’re able to bring that boutique studio experience – complete with expert instruction – into people’s homes and empower them to feel confident and safe during their reformer workout,” McGaffin notes.

Reform RX says it will expand its team of RX instructors in the coming year, launch a live class schedule on the platform, and announce commercial partnerships to give more fitness enthusiasts access to the RX.

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