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Quest Diagnostics Launches Fitness-Focused Labs

Quest Diagnostics Launches Fitness-Focused Labs

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One of the leading providers of blood testing, Quest Diagnostics launched three fitness-focused blood tests for varying levels of consumer performance

Quest Diagnostics is raising the bar for its blood tests, as consumers are demanding more data about their health and wellness. The evolving fitness landscape is all about more personalized information, evident through the advent of more advanced blood testing. Quest Diagnostics will offer tiers for general wellness and elite performance, and the blood tests will provide insight into endurance, nutrition, energy, hydration, and hormone levels, plus muscle and recovery status.

Quest is on a mission to become a “consumer lifestyle brand” from its previous clinical perception. The company wants to make routine blood testing a new standard for performance, wellness, and prevention. Consumers can schedule the tests online at, and go to a Quest location to get the tests done.

The Quest Diagnostics tests are designed to paint a complete picture of one’s overall fitness, including comprehensive tests that measure endurance, nutrition, energy, hydration, and hormone levels. It can also provide information on muscle performance and recovery statuses. “These new tests specifically and conveniently deliver what athletes are asking for, fitness insights and guidance that will tangibly improve performance and help them reduce their vulnerability to injury,” said Richard Adams, Vice President and General Manager of CIT Franchise & Marketing at Quest in a press release.

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Quest is offering three distinct testing profiles dependent on the consumer’s fitness intensity and goals. Each features a Health Risk Assessment, Health Quotient Score, Associated Risk Factors, biometrics, and a one-on-one follow-up discussion with a doctor. The three tests are the Essentials Profile, the Nutrition Profile, and the Elite Profile. The tests range in price from $269 to $559, and may be reimbursable through HSAs or FSAs.

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