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Product of the Week: Are Bioniq Personalized Supplements Worth It?

Product of the Week: Are Bioniq Personalized Supplements Worth It?

The nutrition brand uses blood tests and algorithms to develop uber-personalized supplements, but are they worth a high price tag?

Bioniq was founded in 2019 by Vadim Fedotov, who wanted to introduce personalized supplements based on blood testing data.

Bioniq PRO offers supplements based on a blood test, while Bioniq GO only uses a questionnaire to collect health information, making it perfect for those who might be squeamish around needles or want a faster way to get the nutrients they might need. Unlike many competitors, Bioniq products come in a patented granule form for maximum absorption.

Athletech News put Bioniq GO to the test to see it how it compares to other supplement products.


To start my Bioniq GO journey, I took a 29-question quiz about my health goals, background and current issues. The quiz asked about everything from the condition of my skin and hair to my energy levels. After I finished the quiz, which only took around 10 minutes, I got my formula results. Most of the nutrients provided were in levels over 100% of my recommended value. It also included nutrients without a recommended daily value, such as B-carotene and Choline. 

I loved the granule format of the supplements More than I expected. I mixed it into my cereal and smoothies in the morning and it added an unexpectedly fun crunch and texture to my meals. It felt more enjoyable than taking several pills, and I actually noticed a difference in my energy levels and overall sleep quality after just a month of taking the supplements. I really enjoyed having all my supplements in one place, and in a format that wasn’t overwhelming, and did not feel like a daily chore.

credit: Bioniq

Unlike greens powders, which depend on consumers enjoying their taste, the granules blended right into meals I already enjoy. Traditional capsules or tablets, meanwhile, can sometimes not be absorbed effectively due to stomach acid. 

Each uniquely developed Bioniq formula can have up to 120 nutrients, far more than many competitors. For Bioniq GO, the company leverages a patented algorithm based on blood test data from tens of thousands of people across millions of biochemical data points to support supplement recommendations.

credit: Bioniq

The Bioniq GO package also comes with a travel container and a measuring spoon. The package also includes a free lifestyle consultation, so users can figure out ways to pair their supplement with other wellness practices.  


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The main downside of Bioniq GO is its price, which is $75 for a one-month supply. Bioniq PRO, the package that requires a blood test, is priced at $199 per month. 

In addition, users can’t specifically request for a nutrient to be added or removed from a formula. While this might not be as relevant for Bioniq PRO, which would take into consideration existing deficiencies, the GO quiz might miss a specific nutrient that one desires.  

The product also may not be the best for traveling — because of its granular format, it needs to be mixed into food or drink. Although the travel container does help, it is still a little trickier to coordinate taking the supplement compared to pills while on the road. And for those who mostly consume hot meals and drinks, the granules do not work as effectively in warmer food or drinks. 


Bioniq GO is an impressive supplement that can truly be a one-stop shop for those looking to improve their overall lifestyle and work toward wellness goals. While the product isn’t cheap, it can drive quick and effective results in an innovative format.

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