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Peloton Partners with Ashton Kutcher as the Actor & Philanthropist Trains for NYC Marathon

Peloton Partners with Ashton Kutcher as the Actor & Philanthropist Trains for NYC Marathon

Kutcher has joined forces with Peloton to create “Our Future Selves,” a marathon training series that is open to all – and is receiving positive reviews

Peloton has teamed up with actor Ashton Kutcher to develop “Our Future Selves,” a marathon training series. This fall, Kutcher will participate in the TCS New York City Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Thorn, his nonprofit that develops technology to protect children from exploitation.

The new series, which will consist of 16 episodes, is now available on the Peloton Tread and app. “Our Future Selves” will be released over the course of ten weeks as Peloton instructors support Kutcher and others in preparing for the upcoming 26.2 mile race in New York City. Week two features Kim Kardashian, who says she isn’t a habitual runner.

“Running this marathon is all about raising funds and awareness for my nonprofit, Thorn. Protecting kids from sexual abuse is something I’ve been working on for a decade and much like a marathon we will only reach our goal through dedication, endurance, and discipline,” said Kutcher. “Having Peloton instructors get me marathon ready has been incredible and creating this series has been a blast. I’ve talked to brilliant actors, musicians, writers, athletes and doctors about what keeps them going and their ‘why.'”

Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney, and Chris Paul have been announced as guests for the new series, in which they will discuss their personal insights while training on the Peloton Tread.

“As a Tread Instructor and avid runner, I was all-in when Ashton wanted my support for his marathon training,” commented Peloton Instructor Becs Gentry. “It is the power of community that makes Peloton so special and pushes us all to be our best selves. Our Future Selves with Ashton Kutcher is a series taking a look at not only Ashton’s personal marathon training journey, but also providing a deeper dive into why we do the things we do, the motivation that moves you.”

The new series has received positive feedback, with many Peloton users reporting that “Our Future Selves” made the time fly by while they worked out. Others joked that they were relieved to see Kutcher “clutching the crossbar for dear life” at the end of a run, which they found relatable.

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“I took my first 20 min run with (Kutcher) and Becs and was entertained but also impressed by his idea of having us run for the greater cause. Plus I noticed time passed by faster than I thought. Great job, looking forward to more runs,” shared one poster in the Official Peloton Group on Facebook. “Loved, loved, loved the first runs in the new collection with Becs and Ashton Kutcher. It was so interesting I forgot I was running. And he was so funny commenting about his running ‘challenges’. I hope there will be some longer runs I can listen to and get lost in,” another poster wrote.

The new Peloton series is adaptable to all running levels and is welcoming to anyone, even if they aren’t training for a marathon.

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