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OPEX Fitness Finally Takes CoachRx Out of Beta Stage & into the World

OPEX Fitness Finally Takes CoachRx Out of Beta Stage & into the World

Leading fitness coaching education facility OPEX Fitness enlisted a group of its coaching certificate program graduates to test a fitness app called CoachRx. Now, the app is spreading its wings to the public with a modern take on personalized fitness technology

Fitness is everything, according to OPEX Fitness, and the Scottsdale-based education facility for personal trainers is making sure more people are aware of this and more with the launch of CoachRx. The fitness app comes complete with software designed for fitness coaches seeking to work with clients in a more efficient manner with the ultimate goal of state-of-the-art personalization.

CoachRx was previously tested in its beta stage by graduates of the OPEX Coaching Certificate program.  

OPEX Fitness CEO Carl Hardwick calls the kickoff of CoachRx “a milestone in getting closer to our mission of seeing every individual doing their ideal version of fitness.”

“We set out to create a platform that allows coaches to leverage technology to deliver a 360-degree coaching service to their clients and achieve the maximum results — both for clients and their businesses.”

Hardwick adds CoachRx helps coaches fashion smarter training programs for clients, which in turn helps foster better, long-lasting communication between both parties.  

“We’ve only just gotten started and with a robust roadmap ahead, we are excited to make the app widely available to coaches around the world,” Hardwick further adds.  

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The fitness coaching software, described by OPEX as “the Swiss army knife of online coaching tools,” boasts a number of features such as a high-efficiency training calendar, fitness monitoring exercises (FMEs), an exercise library with over 1500 videos and lifestyle & nutrition programs suited to track one’s food hygiene, water, sleep, daily movement and more.

The app seemingly helps trainers in the business of coaching clients to live healthier lifestyles without feeling stressed in doing so. The addition of an updated business suite was also integrated into CoachRx to assist trainers and other fitness entrepreneurs and businesses in reaching their own organizational and financial objectives.

Trainers and business owners can opt for a free trial of CoachRx before committing to monthly payments. From the sound of everything the new fitness app has to offer, any potential future popularity and increase in sales should not come as a surprise.

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