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NYC-Society Launches To Help New Yorkers Find the Right Fitness Studios

NYC-Society Launches To Help New Yorkers Find the Right Fitness Studios

Following a successful launch in Chicago, fitness entrepreneur Erin Schirack has brought her wellness discovery platform, NYC-Society, to New York City. The one-stop site for finding the best studios, trainers and workouts in the Big Apple, NYC-Society is filled with perks and is free for wellness seekers.

The ‘City That Never Sleeps’ may be filled with fitness and wellness consumers, but finding the best gems among an ever-growing supply of wellness clubs and boutique fitness studios can be overwhelming. With modalities like Pilates, barre and yoga in high demand, streamlining searches means consumers can quickly secure a spot and drive member visits to studios.

Launching with 1,000 members, NYC-Society allows users to search and filter by location and preferred fitness format across a variety of modalities, such as yoga, barre, boxing, cycling, pilates, strength training, meditation, massage, acupuncture and nutritional coaching.

“The goal is to eliminate those time-consuming, energy-draining searches through endless results to try to figure out who is legitimate, who has the most experience, and where it’s possible to find ultra-niche fitness, wellness and health offerings to fit almost any need or objective,” Schirack, founder and CEO, explained. 

NYC-Society and CHI-Society founder Erin Schirack is also a certified instructor (credit: NYC-Society)

The free-membership platform offers exclusive offers for early adopters, including discounts, promotions and free classes at several fitness studios. Studios such as JoyFlow, Physique 57, RiseNation, Humming Puppy, and The Bar Method are among the fitness headliners offering a “first class free” pass and special promotional deals.

Although the site serves fitness consumers looking for the perfect workout experience, NYC-Society offers studios and trainers a fee-based opportunity to be listed on the platform, as well as marketing services. All studios, trainers and gyms receive equal billing on NYC-Society, and unlike other platforms, members book directly with providers.  

Leslie McDonald, the studio manager for Bar Method NoHo, says teaming up with NYC-Society has been helpful in the ballet-barre brand’s post-pandemic comeback. 

“Working with third-party partners like NYC- Society, we have been able to reach clients that we may never have had the opportunity to reach before,” McDonald said. “Because of this, we have been able to rebuild our in-studio presence and reach new clients who are just learning or even re-learning about The Bar Method NoHo.”

Elise Chretien of Tone House echoes the experience described by McDonald.

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“Partners like NYC-Society are fantastic tools for reaching new clients that haven’t visited our studio yet,” Chretien said. “As we continue to grow and rebuild our community post-pandemic, outreach to local residents in our neighborhoods seeking premium fitness and wellness services remains a top priority.”

credit: Tone House

In addition to driving class visits to NYC-based boutique fitness and wellness experiences, a corporate wellness program is also available, customized by the NYC-Society team to match a company’s particular needs.

While NYC-Society is underway, Chicago’s version of the platform, Chi-Society, has grown to over 11,000 members since its 2021 launch and includes an on-demand fitness component featuring Chicago-area fitness trainers.

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