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Muscle Lab Buys IV Therapy in Latest Move to Expand Online

Muscle Lab Buys IV Therapy in Latest Move to Expand Online

California-based health and wellness lounge Muscle Lab goes digital after acquiring The business hopes its latest move will better serve customers to purchase Muscle Lab services online and help grow the company.

Muscle Lab has added another integral component to its growing empire as the muscle recovery and wellness brand has acquired IV Therapy. This is the latest investment for the company set to make other exciting announcements in the months to come, including a working relationship with nutritional and exercise biochemist Anthony Almada.  

The addition of IV Therapy to the Muscle Lab brand umbrella will help to give customers better digital access to health services Muscle Lab offers, such as cryotherapy. Muscle Lab co-founder Andy Treys declares the new development will also cater overall to each clients’ individual wellness needs as the business strives to solidify its presence in the health and wellness industry. 

“We’re building a wellness ecosystem that provides tailored and targeted solutions to each and every person. is an integral part of that plan as it will set a new standard for online health and wellness information. We will not use this platform to bait and advertise, but to educate and serve,” says Treys in a press release.   

Besides cryotherapy, Muscle Lab’s current health & wellness services include stretch therapy, cupping therapy, compression therapy and cryoslimming. Initially founded as a recovery and wellness lounge in 2020, Muscle Lab is based in Los Angeles and has attracted celebrities such as social media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul, record producer Mustard, Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons and fashion model Winnie Harlow. Muscle Lab Performance Director Vatche Ourishian assures the mission behind the company is to provide a full outfit of wellness options for self-improvement in a welcoming environment. 

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Ourishian explains, “We’re not selling a membership in a bottle… our goal is to create a mentality among our community of customers, and ultimately the world, to try to be the best version of yourself. Our methodologies can pave the way to a better quality of life, mentally and physically, and our doors are open to anyone ready to make a change.” 

Information on Muscle Lab’s services can be found on the Muscle Lab website and you can also follow Muscle Lab on Instagram to see which athletes, influencers and celebrities will be the next to go past its doors.

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