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Luna, an In-Home Outpatient PT Practice, Earns ‘Exceptional’ Award from Medicare

Luna, an In-Home Outpatient PT Practice, Earns ‘Exceptional’ Award from Medicare

The physical therapy clinic has become the fastest growing in the nation

Luna, an outpatient physical therapy clinic, has announced it has become the nation’s fastest growing PT clinic, with a 6,183% increase in visits over the four years since its inception in 2018, and Medicare has designated it as “Exceptional.”


Luna’s outpatient “rehab-at-home” model has treated over 25,000 patients and has a presence in 25 states, experiencing exponential growth by partnerships with over 50 health systems and orthopaedic groups. Luna’s easy access to a network of physical therapists allows patients to receive care on their own schedule, and therapists can perform physical therapy treatments at a patient’s home or workplace. All major insurance plans are accepted, and no prescription is required.

“People will drive a long way to have surgery, but not a couple times a week to have rehab,” said Dr. Scott Boden, Director of the Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center and Vice President for Business Innovation for Emory Healthcare. “Luna allows us to extend access to care to all patients across our metropolitan area, who otherwise might have been at a higher risk of failure because they didn’t have the right PT.” 

According to a recent study, Luna’s in-home PT saves an average of $3,000 per case for post-surgical rehab for bundled care cases. This equates to Medicare savings of 55%-70% per case, says Luna. 

“Luna is the future of healthcare,” said Mike West, former CEO of Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. “90% of patients choose in-person delivery vs. a clinic when offered both choices. With Luna, health systems, surgeons, and orthopedic groups can ensure patients receive convenient, high quality care from their home.” 

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Luna offers 45-55 minute sessions with 1:1 personalized treatments. Physical therapists arrive at the appointment with all necessary equipment, including a treatment table. Luna patients can use the Luna App, where their assigned therapist can monitor progress and modify treatment plans between visits. The at-home treatment plan offers an alternative to traditional physical therapy, which Luna’s co-founder says is the future of treatment.

“Post-pandemic, consumers and providers are increasingly looking for ways to safely access and deliver rehab at home – and that’s what excites us about the future of healthcare,” says Palak Shah, Luna co-founder and head of clinical operations. “Our team of therapists and tech innovations makes us perfectly placed to deliver safe, high quality PT care in the patient’s home while providing critical relief for health systems.”

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