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METAL WORKOUT & Tuned Global Launch Music Fitness Platform that Metalheads will Love

METAL WORKOUT & Tuned Global Launch Music Fitness Platform that Metalheads will Love

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A unique digital fitness platform that honors those who love heavy metal & pumping iron, METAL WORKOUT is an exciting start-up dedicated to its strong community of global metal fans

Music is essential for a great workout, and while pop and hip-hop genres tend to be fitness favorites, others prefer a heavier sound while strength training or engaging in cardio.

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Enter METAL WORKOUT, a niche fitness platform that has collaborated with Tuned Global. 

With the partnership, Tuned Global’s technology will deliver METAL WORKOUT’s on-demand video workouts for heavy metal fans.

With the use of Tuned Global’s API and playlisting tool, listeners will access all subgenres of Metal, including Death, Thrash, Black, and more. To deepen the experience, METAL WORKOUT merges coaches and athletes who are also metal musicians, like Yann Heurtaux (Mass Hysteria, Karras) and Matthew K. Heafy (Trivium, Ibaraki). 

The heavy–sound loving start-up prides itself on being the only fitness platform that is dedicated to fans of metal, and launched in 2020 as a collaboration between Stéphane Lefèvre and Yann Heurtaux.

“When we started the METAL WORKOUT project, we knew that being a bridge between two big industries like fitness and music would be very challenging,” said CEO Stéphane Lefèvre. “This bridge is made of Metal because we deeply believe that a bespoke experience based on segmented music makes the difference for Metal music fans.”

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METAL WORKOUT’s CEO remarked that Tuned Global’s content delivery and report system to rights holders are proven and scalable for the fitness start-up.

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”We started in France with Believe, but soon we’ll be able to add Metal from the Majors’ catalogs, and our goal is to open new territories,” Lefèvre said. “Metalheads are a strong community everywhere in the world, and whatever the country is, we are united by Metal,” he added.

While currently focused on providing hard-hitting metal, the B2B streaming tech solution provider has lent its expertise to the UFC, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Pizza Hut. Tuned Global says it’s also geared to create immersive music experiences in the metaverse.

“Fitness went digital during the pandemic but is now experiencing deep differentiation as apps and platforms find their audiences. Many of those audiences are defined and motivated by music,” said Con Raso, CEO of Tuned Global. “We are here to turn great fitness ideas and communities into thriving apps that use music to make workouts truly enjoyable, providing a range of straightforward solutions to what was once an administrative nightmare.”

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