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Metabolic Mission: Levels Secures $7M Series A Funding Extension

Metabolic Mission: Levels Secures $7M Series A Funding Extension

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Levels’s newly-secured funding extension will assist in solving the ongoing metabolic health crisis

The software company centered on wellness provides real-time feedback on how food impacts health and uses a mobile app that merges data from biosensors and other related sources, like Apple Health.

The funding extension follows a $38 million Series A round that Levels secured last April

So far, the company has raised over $55 million in its mission to combat the metabolic health crisis, raising the alarm that of the 88 million who have prediabetes, 90% are unaware of their condition. The health–focused company says that every day, the average American consumes nearly two cans of Coke’s worth of sugars.

Levels plans to expand access to its holistic suite, continuous glucose monitors, and on-demand blood testing to track metabolic markers. 

Aside from the additional funding, Levels is busy conducting a study with global researchers to understand the glucose patterns of a wide variety of people and explore how lifestyle choices can affect such patterns. 

Investors in Levels include a16z, Trust Ventures, and Shrug Capital.

Looking ahead, the software company says within the next five years, it plans to transition the focus from healthcare to prevention, help create transparency in the food industry, and provide empowerment through personal data.

In 2021, Levels engaged in a crowdfunding strategy, raising $5 million in less than six hours, and reported that it was on track to hit $8 million in revenue while still in beta. 

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The company also found success with social media influencers, who helped Levels generate $1.8 million in revenue in under nine months. To further expand content and brand awareness, Levels then launched a podcast.

This month, the metabolic health company has introduced a $10 guided 4-week journey for participants to learn about metabolic health from Sonja Manning, a Levels coach, and trained yoga and fitness instructor.

The offering is accessible to most, as participants won’t need to wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to join the 4-week journey and will receive access to Sonja’s Metabolic Health Handbook and actionable tips. 

The guided journey starts Monday, Feb. 6, and those interested can sign-up here.

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