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Levels Announces $38M Series A, Determined to Solve Metabolic Health Crisis

Levels Announces $38M Series A, Determined to Solve Metabolic Health Crisis

The first biosensor system to provide feedback on nutrition & lifestyle says it will focus on international expansion later this year

Levels, the first biosensor system to provide feedback on nutrition and lifestyle, has announced a $38 million Series A funding round and a $300 million valuation as it works to solve the metabolic health crisis. The software company provides real-time data so that users can make informed health decisions that are prevention-focused.

“Within the next 5 years, we’re going to be talking about the metabolic-health crisis in the same way that we currently talk about the opioid epidemic and cancer. This is the single biggest health crisis in the world and has yet to penetrate the zeitgeist,” says Sam Corcos, Levels co-founder and CEO.

Levels says that with the completion of the Series A round, it will expand from its beta community of 25,000 paying members to full consumer availability. Later this year, the company plans to focus on international expansion.

The software company has raised $50 million to date. In 2020, Levels raised $12M in a seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

The latest Series A was raised mostly as an operator round, with funding from Andrea Funsten (Basecamp Fund), Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal (Acquired Podcast), Lenny Rachitsky and the Airbnb Alumni Syndicate, Mario Gabriele (The Generalist), Mat Fraser (CrossFit Athlete), and Moshe Lifschitz and Niv Dror (Shrug), as well as a16z. 

A crowdfunding round was also used to bring the Levels member community together. Over 1,400 early Levels members invested in the company, helping it reach the $5 million limit set by crowdfunding regulations in less than six hours.

Levels recently added in-home blood testing for metabolic markers as well as the option to work with a nutritionist.

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Over 128 million Americans have prediabetes or diabetes, a statistic that Levels hopes to change with its data-driven approach. The software company engages in “biological observability” by tracking biomarkers and providing users with a clear picture of how certain lifestyle choices (such as diet) can directly affect their health.

“Today, 90% of our $4 trillion in healthcare costs are tied to largely preventable chronic conditions—several downstream from metabolic dysfunction,” says Dr. Casey Means, Levels co-founder and Chief Medical Officer.

“A key way we address that is by empowering people with data about their own bodies, so they can take action to live a healthy lifestyle and feel their best. Understanding how our choices affect key health biomarkers in real time—and more broadly understanding our own metabolic health—is foundational for optimal health and longevity.”

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