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Recovery Day: Kristina Ewing Loves ‘Ted Lasso,’ Midday Naps & Never Weighs Herself

Recovery Day: Kristina Ewing Loves ‘Ted Lasso,’ Midday Naps & Never Weighs Herself

It’s no wonder City of Angels native Kristina Ewing has nearly 165,000 Instagram followers. The in-demand Rumble Boxing trainer reads, cooks, rides horses and loves to travel when she’s not throwing elbows and forearms on a punching bag. Thankfully for Athletech News, she gave us some insight on how she stays connected, focused and balanced while also having fun, for our Recovery Day series.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rumble Boxing trainer and CPT Kristina Ewing has a previous life selling insurance. Thankfully for her loyal followers, she took her dissatisfaction for said job to become a personal trainer and fitness instructor. The decision was bold, but paid off very handsomely for Ewing, who tells Athletech News she now gets to work “with some of the biggest celebrities and brands in the world.” “Everyday is a new opportunity for connection and fulfillment with my clients,” Ewing adds.


Over 164,000 Instagram loyalists watch the boxing instructor’s every uppercut move and glamorous pose in a variety of dream vacation locales. Whether you’re watching her on TikTok or taking one of her classes, Ewing’s determined and fun-loving nature keeps others wanting more. After you review our Recovery Day spotlight on Kristina Ewing, we think you’ll feel just the same. Read on to discover her food prep rituals, current favorite TV shows, why she believes everyone should invest in having a therapist and more. 

Athletech News (ATN): Walk me through a typical day-off for you?  

Kristina Ewing: To be completely frank, there aren’t many. Or at least, it doesn’t feel that way! I work in the studio 5 days a week, train clients and do promotional social media work that takes up most of my time Monday-Friday, and I use the weekends to do mostly administrative work like reading over contracts for upcoming collaborations and events. And, of course, I squeeze in some social time with friends as well.  

A typical “off day” usually allows me to sleep in until about 8am, I’ll expeditiously make my way to a cup of coffee and then less enthusiastically to my computer to get back to emails, follow that up with some chores around my house, and laundry I likely still have in my dryer…oops, and the front half of my Saturday is usually over from there. You can likely find me out at dinner that night, as of late that’s almost exclusively Catch Steak, and in bed by 11:00 or 12:00 likely. Sundays I reserve for social time and programming my upcoming classes for the week. 

When can you actually “relax”?


Okay, so I bet you read that first answer and thought to yourself, does this girl have any fun or downtime at all. I assure you I do. A lot actually. I usually front load my day with classes and clients so I can use the afternoons for myself, and that includes naps (huge midday nap girl), cooking (one of my many passions) and riding horses (which I’ve done since I was a child). And you can definitely find me horizontal on my couch binge watching Netflix or spending too many hours on TikTok. I hate to admit it, but the app is really dang funny. 

ATN: How many days do you work out?  

Kristina Ewing: It varies, but on average about 4 or 5. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I used to be very diligent about working out everyday or 6 days a week, but I just didn’t feel my best. I was constantly tired, I felt like I was losing strength and stamina as opposed to gaining it. I wasn’t giving my body the proper rest and recovery time it needed. So now I’ll usually prioritize 4 workouts a week for myself, maybe I’ll throw an extra class or a hike in there somewhere but for the most part I really am enjoying no longer feeling like I need to over exert myself to see results and feel my best.

ATN: How often do you weigh yourself? 


Kristina Ewing: Absolutely never. I stopped weighing myself years ago. I used to weigh myself every morning and it would dictate how the rest of my day looked, whether I’d be in a good mood or whether I walked around feeling like I had already failed the day by not meeting some arbitrary number on the scale. Weighing myself was one of the catalysts for my disordered eating that I struggled with years ago, day after day it reinforced the idea that my worth was attached to a number and my routine needed to adhere to it. 

So, I absolutely never weigh myself, I even turn away at the doctor’s office and ask that they don’t share it with me. I’m a healthy woman, who prioritizes moving her body and eating well and I feel so much more content in the body I’m in when I just allow it to do what it’s made to do, regulate itself. 

ATN: What would we find on your Netflix/Hulu favorites?

Kristina Ewing: I just finished The Staircase, which is actually HBO. But my goodness it was AMAZING. So many wild twists and turns, and I wasn’t familiar with the real life case the show was about so it made it so much more exciting. I’m a huge Ted Lasso fan and just rewatched it because I know they’re filming now for the next season and I cannot wait. And, in the spirit of honesty, there are definitely many cheesy 90’s/2000’s rom coms in my recent history, no shame here.  

ATN: How healthy are you really? 

Kristina Ewing: A multifaceted question really, and I think it’s highly subjective. I find I feel my best, and therefore in my eyes I am the “healthiest” when I have a structured routine for moving my body a few times a week. When I prioritize dinners and fun events with my friends, and when I don’t overextend myself with work. Healthy to me involves a bottle of wine with dinner when I’m out, because it makes my soul happy and I want to feed into the things that make me feel good not just physically, but mentally as well.

I feel my healthiest when I say no to a workout when I know my body really needs more sleep instead, and all of those work for me; and while this works for me, if a regimented workout split 6 days a week whilst counting macros and avoiding alcohol is what makes someone else feel their best, I’m all about it. Health to me is feeling good in my body and in my head and eliminating the rest.

ATN: What does breakfast look like for you on a regular day… on your cheat day? 

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Kristina Ewing: I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast- I almost always have two eggs, two pieces of sourdough toast and some turkey bacon. It keeps me full and is all super easy to digest on an empty stomach. And on Fridays I almost always have an Erewhon breakfast burrito. If the above answers weren’t an indicator though, I don’t believe in “cheat days”, because I don’t believe any foods are “bad” foods. And labeling them as such gives food a power it doesn’t need to have over us. 

Food is fun, and I love the happiness it brings to my life. I’d say I eat what most people would consider “clean” 80% of the time which includes whole food groups, lots of fruits and veggies and foods high in protein. That being said, I love greasy delicious pizza, I think starting your day with a bagel is a sure fire way to have a great day, and red wine is a major food group in my diet. Everything is allowed, and I moderate according to what feels good in my body. 

ATN: What does your food shopping/prep look like? 

Kristina Ewing: I love to cook, it’s one of my forms of therapy so I cook about 90% of my meals. I usually meal prep a few lunches for the week on my Sundays and then cook dinner most nights at home. I throw an occasional breakfast burrito or a lunch at my favorite cafe in West Hollywood, Dialog Cafe, in the mix and I’m all set for the week. My meals can range anywhere from turkey lettuce wraps, to salmon bowls with soy marinated soft boiled eggs, to a regular old turkey sandwich. I like it all!

ATN: Do you have a therapist?

Kristina Ewing: I really love this question. Yes, I do and she has changed my life. I honestly believe everybody should go to therapy, and I talk about it as frequently as I can with my friends, family, followers and clients. While I think in the last few years there has been a shift in the narrative regarding mental health to one that is more open minded and interested in discussing the intricacies of the human brain, there is unfortunately still a stigma attached to mental illness and mental health. 

I suffered from anxiety and moderate depression, I say moderate because it was very livable, none of my daily routines were disrupted; I still went to work, I still went to the gym, but I felt like my passion for the things I used to love and enjoy had dissipated. And so I sought therapy, and it was the best decision I could have made for myself. While therapy doesn’t give you all the answers (in fact most of the time it leaves you with questions) what therapy has given me is the tools to answer those questions, to deal with conflict more efficiently and to look internally at all the good, bad and the ugly and decide what I want to keep and what I want to change. I couldn’t recommend it more. 

ATN: Can you disconnect from “devices” (ie. emails, work)? 

Kristina Ewing: While I do my best to disconnect, I do feel that ever nagging pressure to respond to an email or go over a contract that I know is sitting in my inbox. I will admit that I can and should set those boundaries a bit stronger for myself, but I do take a lot of time to leave my phone on the table and go do other things. I box, ride horses, cook and read as often as I can and none of those allow you to be on your phone, they’re all amazing ways to disconnect because they force you to remain present in whatever you’re doing.

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