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F45, Mark Wahlberg Take Partnership to Next Level

F45, Mark Wahlberg Take Partnership to Next Level

F45 Wahlberg Week
The functional fitness franchisor is offering seven new classes co-designed by Wahlberg, who recently took on an executive-level role with F45.

F45 Training is celebrating Mark Wahlberg, its new chief brand ambassador, with a special Wahlberg Week of fitness. The program, which runs from April 17-23, includes seven new classes created by Wahlberg and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, F45’s chief of athletics. 

Wahlberg Week will take place in participating F45 studios worldwide and will be free to anyone who visits any participating F45 studio during the week.

Members and new participants can track stats and points by downloading the F45 Challenge app during the week of fitness, which includes brand new 45-minute performance-based workouts. The workouts include “intermittent overload training,” or IOT, focusing on specific muscle groups such as legs, chest, triceps and abs. 

In conjunction with the promotion, Wahlberg’s athleisure line, Municipal, has teamed up with F45’s fitness training community. Municipal has a ten-piece collection of athleisure that features the F45 logo. The collection will be available on beginning April 17.

“I believe F45 is the world’s best workout and it’s one of the many reasons I’m so involved in the company,” said Wahlberg, who has been involved with the brand since 2019.

“I love popping up in studios all over the world and getting face time with members and bringing out their inner beast mode,” Wahlberg added. “Gunnar and I created these workouts to focus on every body part with specific muscle group movements and I hope everyone gets the chance to test them out. Plus, you get to challenge yourself and members around the world all throughout the week.”

F45 announced last month that Wahlberg, already an F45 investor and board member, had been promoted to chief brand officer and that health and wellness veteran Tom Dowd, one of the company’s early investors, had been named CEO.

The leadership changes come at a time of turmoil for F45 and are intended to accelerate the fitness company’s strategy and propel it forward. In addition, the fitness operator recently received $90 million in new funding.

The 45-minute Wahlberg Week workouts include:

Monday, April 17 (Cardio) Chest Burpee Burnout

A cardiovascular endurance workout that incorporates an erg machine, with participants competing for the highest number of points.

Tuesday, April 18 (Full Body Resistance) Legs/Squat Burnout

A resistance workout designed to push your lifting capabilities. Members will pair up and work one at a time in a “You Go, I Go” format until both partners have completed three sets.

Wednesday, April 19 (Cardio) Tricep/Diamond Push-Up Burnout

A cardiovascular workout with a focus on heart rate recovery scores. Members will be encouraged to pay close attention to their heart rates and track recovery scores throughout the class.

Thursday, April 20 (Split Resistance) Shoulders/Push Press Burnout

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A smashing resistance-based workout that will get members’ muscles activated like never before. Muscular endurance is the aim of this class. Push through muscle fatigue in the longer working sets and calculate your max reps.

Friday, April 21 (Hybrid) Abs/Core Burnout

A hybrid workout with a focus on power. The class will incorporate five varied core stations in each pod (crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, leg twists and leg-to-knee planks).

Saturday, April 22 (Hybrid) Back & Biceps Burnout

A hybrid team workout and individual cardio focus. The aim is to complete as many meters in a relay format as possible in seven minutes. Members will have three chances to tackle each machine in this workout (Rower, BikeErg, SkiErg). The outer pod stations will be time-based.

Sunday, April 23 (Full Body) IDR – Dynamic Recovery

This full body workout demonstrates the possibility of change and perhaps improvement. This dynamic recovery provides solid lifting sets and finishes with a recovery sequence to get you set up right for the days to come.

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