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Collaboration Alert: Zara and TRX Training Club

Collaboration Alert: Zara and TRX Training Club

The fashion brand and the functional training club have teamed up

Zara and TRX Training Club have joined forces, merging fashion and fitness. The collaboration will bring the TRX Suspension Trainer to Zara’s website and at 11 of Zara’s stores. 

Zara customers can subscribe to TRX Training Club, a digital fitness platform, that features exclusive access to on-demand workouts. A REPLAY function is in place in case a class is missed. The collaboration compliments Zara’s sportswear collection, Athleticz, which was launched in 2020. 

“We are thrilled to partner up with one of the most renowned brands in the world and be part of Zara’s new Athleticz range,” Brent Leffel, CEO of TRX, said in a press release announcing the partnership. “Home workouts are clearly here to stay, and we have joined forces with Zara to equip people with everything they need to exercise around their schedule. I believe we can convert even more fitness enthusiasts, and together with Zara, can provide customers with the ultimate comfort, alongside access to train by any means possible — either at home or on the go.”

Niko Algieri, TRX Training Club’s Director of Trainer Branding, created exclusive fitness content as part of the collaboration. Algieri says that the goal has been to help people become active all over the world and that the partnership with Zara will allow them to reach new audiences. 

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TRX, founded in 2004, utilizes suspension training and body weight to maximize strength, balance, flexibility, and stability. With just a few straps, the TRX system allows for hundreds of workouts.

The system, designed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, has had a celebrity following with Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani. Hetrick set out to create the fitness system in order to stay in shape while deployed overseas. After the Navy, Hetrick attended business school at Stanford and then set out to develop TRX with capital he raised after graduating.

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