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Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino on the ‘Magical’ Benefits of Halo Hydration

Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino on the ‘Magical’ Benefits of Halo Hydration

Saladino, who trains celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, believes Halo’s electrolyte and caffeine-packed products are changing the hydration game

Halo Hydration, an advanced hydration and performance drink company behind the world’s first hydrating latte, has entered the new year with a reformulated line of its premium hydration powders, supported by notable ambassadors such as renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou and celebrity fitness trainer Don Saladino.

Having expanded from its e-commerce presence into U.S.-based retail locations, Halo is currently found in Ingles, Cub Foods, United Supermarkets, Market Street, DeCA and AAFES, and is planning additional product launches.

Halo Hydration is on a mission to inspire how the world hydrates,” said Anshuman Vohra, Hydration founder and CEO. “Our products are meticulously crafted to elevate how individuals feel, perform and recover. We’re excited to introduce these new offerings that provide advanced hydration in caffeinated and non-caffeinated variants.”

Saladino, a fitness expert and trainer who has worked with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Blake Lively, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and others, spoke with Athletech News about the importance of hydration to overall wellness and Halo’s next-gen, electrolyte-packed hydration products. 

The Importance of Sodium for Sleep & Energy

“There’s a large population of Americans that are dehydrated,” Saladino, who is training Reynolds for “Deadpool 3,” said. “Hydration is one of the most important components of wellness that I focus on. When sitting and speaking with anyone before an exercise regimen, one of the first questions I ask is ‘What is your water consumption? How is your hydration?’ and then we take the conversation from there.”

Certified organic and low in sugar, Halo Hydration comes in convenient powder sticks for on-the-go hydration. Packed with as many electrolytes and minerals as eight 500 ml bottles of mineral water, it exceeds the electrolyte, vitamin and mineral content of other sports drinks. In addition to its caffeinated Hydrating Latte line, Halo offers non-caffeinated products with hydration powders in Pink Lemonade, Peach, and Mixed Berry flavors.

“Halo Hydration really is a magical product,” Saladino said. “I know the hydration drink (market) has been very saturated over the last decade, but this is something different. The quality is exceptional, but also, I think the benefits it brings into the human body are next level.”

credit: Halo Hydration

Saladino touched on the importance of sodium in a healthy diet, underscoring its significance to well-being and fitness. 

“I think people were always under the assumption that salt was bad and actually, salt can be one of the most important nutrients for your body,” he explained. “Sodium is what allows our brain to function, our heart to pump and our muscles to contract. Halo Hydration has packaged a very high-quality sodium content, which is so important for our overall health and performance.”

Although health-conscious consumers may follow a low-salt diet, focusing on lean proteins, vegetables and slow-burning carbohydrates while drinking half their body weight in ounces of water, Saladino warns that they may inadvertently flush out essential nutrients, decreasing valuable sodium levels.

Saladino also reports a positive shift in clients who opt for Halo Hydration as a solution with its quality built-in salt.

“I’m finding that people who are starting to trust the process are getting a lot more benefit out of their energy levels,” he said. “Their performance is going through the roof, and their sleep quality is improving because now they’re not waking up three or four times to pee at night.” 

credit: Halo Hydration

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Mindful Caffeine Consumption

Coffee drinkers may be aware that their daily dose of caffeine is dehydrating, but still look forward to reaching for their morning cup of coffee. As Saladino advises, hydrating with salt first thing in the morning is essential, and with Halo’s Hydrating Lattes, consumers can now hydrate and caffeinate all at once.

“Most of the time when we travel, we get access to really poor forms of coffee for caffeine,” he said. “The coffee bean is one of the most heavily polluted crops out there. Now I can pack a few (Hydrating Lattes packets) in my bag and travel with it.”

As Saladino points out, the Hydrating Lattes packets aren’t too high in caffeine, so they shouldn’t cause unpleasant effects, such as jitters or an eventual crash.

“Two of these packets are going to be the equivalent of, say, one Starbucks coffee so you can go back for that second and not feel guilty for it,” he said. “It’s really a smarter way to consume caffeine; it’s a more thoughtful and controlled way to consume caffeine.”

Halo’s Hydrating Lattes comes in flavors such as Iced Caramel Latte, Iced Vanilla Latte and Iced Mocha Latte, with caffeine sourced from real coffee and a proprietary blend of electrolytes and non-dairy creamer. 

“They’re absolutely delicious,”  Saladino said of Halo Hydrating Lattes packets. “To have just that right amount of caffeine to where you’re alert and you’re able to utilize caffeine to its potential — we want to make sure it’s a supplement that we’re consuming to our advantage, and there is so much incredible research out there on caffeine and coffee consumption in relation to preventing heart disease or cardiovascular health.”

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